Fighting for Girls to Know Their Worth

Fighting for Girls to Know Their Worth

- by Rachael Athearn
Fighting for Girls to Know Their Worth

At only 14 years old, many of Charity’s friends are already married. “They are suffering,” she said. “Myself, I was afraid to be married too young.”

There are many places around the world where it’s incredibly difficult to be a girl. One of those areas is found deep in the bush in Zambia, where young girls are sold into marriage as soon as they reach puberty.

Once married, the girl may be the third or fourth wife…she may be taken to an area far from anything familiar…she may suffer from horrible abuse…and she will certainly never receive an education.

Much of the problem stems from the fact that young women are simply so devalued in the culture, but that is something God is giving you the opportunity to change.

Today, Charity and 16 other girls from across Zambia are students at our Imagine Hope Center, a Project GRL outreach funded by Hand of Hope, in association with Reaching a Generation.

Instead of suffering as child brides, they are learning God’s Word, discovering who they are in Christ, receiving a good education and learning job skills so they can change the future.

“I thank you [that I’m able] to be in this program,” Charity said. “Because of it, my mom didn’t take me to get married. [Instead] she brought me here so that I can proceed with my education. I can help her in my future and change our situation.”

We are so thankful for each girl who God has entrusted us with in this program. And we also know there are many others around the world—in all cultures—who need our help.

Girls may have little value in the eyes of some people, but in God’s eyes, they are of infinite worth! You can help us guide, restore and love more women and girls by visiting today.

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