Guiding her to truth.
Restoring her sense of worth.
Loving her as God's daughter.


God is with her.
She will not be moved.
See Psalms 46:5

Project GRL exists for every girl who has been mistreated, marginalized, or feels insecure or hopeless. Far too many girls simply have no idea of their value, and it breaks my heart. The mission of Project GRL is to let every girl know that she is a daughter of the King—highly treasured with limitless potential.
Joyce Meyer

Anti-Human Trafficking

There are more slaves today than at any point in history—more than 70 percent are female—with more being trafficked each day. You can rescue and restore women and girls who have lived the unimaginable through initiatives that equip them for a fresh start.


After losing her parents and sister, Samrawit found herself deceived into living and working as a commercial sex worker in a red-light district in East Africa—one of the most horrible places imaginable.

Everything changed when she was rescued and brought to a girls’ home supported by Hand of Hope. There she studied nursing and learned about Jesus, and His amazing love for her. Today, she is fulfilling her dream of working in the medical profession—and is a nurse at the malnutrition clinic in East Africa.

Project GRL
is actively providing support for victims rescued from human trafficking in 14 countries around the world.

Clean Water

Girls around the world spend over 200 million hours walking for water. This water is often disease-infested, making them and their families sick. Because of the time involved, they're unable to attend school. You can provide clean water that will improve their quality of life.


Sakuntla spent most of her life fetching water—making multiple trips to a water source each day. Sometimes she borrowed a bicycle, but usually Sakuntla walked, carrying the heavy jug of water on her head, causing severe pain.

So Hand of Hope drilled a freshwater well near her home in India and built a church next to it—a Well of Life—an answer to Sakuntla’s prayers. Now, she and her daughter will no longer suffer the long trips fetching water for their family.

have provided over 1,500 wells which allow girls and women safer access to clean, disease-free water.


Worldwide, over 62 million girls are denied education. These girls often end up in the cycle of poverty or become child brides. You can provide valuable education for girls who would otherwise be unable to attend school due to financial or cultural barriers.


Sitali was raised by an aunt who treated her as a slave. She worked seasonally to pay for her own education and nearly quit school when she couldn’t make ends meet. But God had a better plan.

At one of our Imagine Hope Centers in Zambia—schools for girls which provide a way out of forced marriages—Sitali was able to continue her education at no charge. She studied God’s Word, learned to cook and crochet, and how to start a business. In her words, “Thank you! May God bless you and keep you so that you can help many other people!”

Project GRL
is providing education or job skills training for women and girls in 14 countries around the world.

Feeding Programs

When there isn’t enough food, everyone suffers. Poverty and culture can force parents into the unimaginable—choosing of one child over another to feed. This means that girls are often left hungry. You can provide nutritious meals for girls and share the love of Jesus with them!


Like so many other children at her school, 12-year-old Thembelihle silently went hungry, which made it difficult to concentrate. It was a struggle to simply make it through the day.

But now, because of the nutritious meal she receives at school, Thembelihle is thriving and has plenty of energy to grow and learn. She loves learning about Jesus, is keenly interested in science and wants to become an engineer. She has elaborate dreams of building roads and bridges in and around her village in South Africa.

Project GRL
is feeding girls at 650 feeding sites in many nations around the world.

Safe Havens

Around the world and in every culture, too many girls and women find themselves in dangerous situations, desperate for help. You can provide loving homes for girls who are orphaned and give them the love and security they have only dreamed of.


Living in the mountains of Myanmar, young Tippawan was barely surviving. After her father died, her mother began working all day in the rice fields, and was unable to properly care for Tippawan. She was hungry and had no chance of getting an education.

Today, 12-year-old Tippawan lives at a children’s home in Thailand, supported by Hand of Hope. Here, she receives nutritious meals, attends school and loves to laugh with her friends. She is learning all about Jesus and how she is a precious child of God.

Project GRL
is supporting 13 safe havens that nurture and care for women and girls around the world.

Value Her

In a world where many women and girls do not fully understand the enormity of God’s love for them—that they are chosen and beloved daughters of the King—you can share the truth of who they are in Christ, found in His Word.


Ruth Cruz of New York became a widow at 27 with two small children to raise. With her life having suddenly flipped upside down, she found herself feeling intense loneliness and she began questioning who she really was.

Then through Joyce’s teaching, Ruth learned that God is always with her and that she is never alone. She began to see herself as the person He created her to be, and now, Ruth is a strong woman of God and knows exactly who His Word says she is in Jesus.

Joyce broadcasts the truth of God’s Word to women and girls worldwide in over 100 languages

Did you know that in some parts of the globe, the three most dangerous words are, “It’s a girl”? This simple fact shapes the world around them and can even put their lives in jeopardy. The truth is:

of all trafficking victims
are women & girls

women and girls
spend nearly

200 million
hours walking for water
worldwide, every day

62 million
girls are denied education

140 million
girls are missing
due to “gendercide”

Every girl deserves to
understand her worth in Christ

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