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136. Connecting with the Right People (w/ CeCe Winans)

49 min

Today's episode is full of insightful conversations and stories of how connecting with the right people can make ALL the difference in the world! There's nothing like being able to offer some wisdom that helps that young girl through a hard time or receiving game-changing advice from someone a little further along in life. The right relationships will truly help you grow into who God created you to be! Join Joyce, Ginger, Erin, and the iconic CeCe Winans for some tried-and-true tips to help you find, connect with, and learn from godly friends and mentors.

135. Discover Your Purpose

45 min

Are you ready to discover God's will for your life? So often we overanalyze, freak out, and just put too much pressure on ourselves to "figure it out" and start walking out His exact career plan for us...but we don't have to. Join Joyce, Ginger + Erin as they share practical ways to have peace as you pursue God's plan for your life, one step at a time.

134. Keystones to a Life that Works (w/ CeCe Winans)

47 min

What makes a life work well? Discover the secret ingredients to a fulfilling life as Joyce, Ginger, and Erin talk with the renowned CeCe Winans about some of the most impactful principles that have infused their lives with beauty, a Christ-centered foundation, and a resilience to stand the test of time.

133. Questions, Doubts and Answers About Faith (w/ Christine Caine)

51 min

What do you do when something causes your faith to be shaken to the core? Christine Caine joins Joyce, Ginger, and Erin, and they talk through how you can process your questions, doubts, hurts, and fears in an effective, authentic way that will bring you closer to Jesus on the other side.

132. It’s Time to Be Brave (w/ Kaeli Fletcher)

51 min

Is it possible to be brave even when I feel anxiety?

How can I keep being brave even when I'm disappointed?

What's the difference between being brave and being dumb?

If you're wondering about any of the answers to these questions, tune in to today's episode! Ginger, Erin, and their gutsy, sweet friend Kaeli Fletcher talk through real, day-in and day-out ways to change your life with everyday steps of courage.

131. Beyond Labels: Unpacking the Truth of Your Identity in Christ (w/ Riley Clemmons)

51 min

Ever feel “less than” or disappointed in yourself and hear this question pop into your head: Who do you think you are? We all have moments where the enemy tries to get us to doubt our value, but thank God His Word is FULL of reminders! Join Joyce, Ginger, Erin, and the uber-talented Riley Clemmons for an episode that will help you beat imposter syndrome and walk into every situation with the confidence of a daughter of God.

130. Head to Toe Help from the Book of James (w/ Kim Poe)

49 min

Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed by a difficult season? Maybe you’re looking for advice on a confusing situation you’re in, or you just want to learn how to use your words in the best, most effective way possible. Whichever it might be, this episode on the book of James with Ginger, Erin and their amazing friend Kim Poe has just what you need! 


This episode’s challenge? Read James. Tell us what you learned. Apply a verse to your life. You won’t regret it. James 1:5 – James 1:12 – James 3:3-5

129. Pardon the Interruption—Annoyance or Opportunity?

47 min

When someone interrupts you, what do you do first? Get frustrated? Slow down? Wish you were invisible? Join Joyce, Ginger, Erin, and our sweet friend Lisa Harper for an eye opening-episode that will help you find and make the most of the divine opportunity in every interruption. 


How do you normally respond to life’s interruptions? Take a minute to ask God which interruptions tend to be the hardest for you to handle. What’s He saying? Write out a short prayer asking Him to show you how to best love others the next time you’re interrupted. 

READ IT OUT: 2 Timothy 4:2 – Luke 10:25-37 – Mark 10:13-16 – Matthew 25:40

128. A Messy Conversation with Chris Caine + Lisa Bevere + Sadie Robertson Huff

44 min

SO… we have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is, life can be messy. The good news? You’re never alone in any situation or problem—no matter how messy it is—because Jesus is ready to walk through it with you! Join Ginger, Christine Caine, Lisa Bevere, and Sadie Robertson Huff for a special episode to bolster your faith and help you enjoy God’s blessings…even in the middle of the mess.


What feels like the messiest part of life right now? Take a few minutes to read each of these verses and ask God to show you which one fits your situation the most. Invite Him to come closer (like Sadie’s daughter Honey), listen for the voice of the Holy Spirit, and run with the truth He tells you.

READ IT OUT: 2 Timothy 1:7 – John 15:26 – Ephesians 6:12-13 – Hebrews 6:19

127. Parenting Through the Hard Stuff

48 min

The journey of parenting takes you through all kinds of moments, which sometimes means really difficult or even scary situations. The good news is, they don’t have to pull you under. Join Ginger and Erin as they welcome back Dave Barnes and Jon McLaughlin from the Dadville podcast for some real talk that will encourage you as you navigate each child’s individual personality and parent well, even in hard seasons.


Often our own pain impacts the way we parent our kids. Take some time and ask God to show you how to walk out your own healing journey with Him so you can teach your kids from a place of wholeness.  He’s ready to help you with each situation, conversation, and challenge you’ll face together.

READ IT OUT: Psalm 103:13 – James 1:5 – Proverbs 22:6  - Isaiah 43:2

126. From Bible Study to Jerry Springer

49 min

How many times have you come across a verse or a passage in the Bible that made you stop and say, “WHAT?!” Sometimes, at first glance, there are scriptures that may seem confusing, and that’s why we all need a little help! Join Joyce, Ginger, Erin, and our friend Lisa Harper on the pink couch as we talk through everything from Jerry Springer situations in the Old Testament, to where the giants came from, to why Jesus yelled at a fig tree. Yes, a fig tree.


What’s one passage or verse from today’s episode that got your attention? What did it show you about God’s character? Take a minute to ask Him to show you how to respond when you encounter situations in the Bible that just don’t make sense, and write out what He shows you.

Read it out: Jeremiah 33:3, John 16:13, Hebrews 4:12

125. Asking God for Bigger

49 min

When was the last time you prayed a big prayer? Like, a really BIG prayer? Like a “God-will-You-move-this-mountain” kind of prayer?

If it’s been a long time, today’s episode with Joyce, Ginger and Erin will be a shot of faith to help you pray bigger, bolder, and more confident prayers than ever before. Get ready to hope again in 2024!


What’s one prayer you’ve given up on? Take a moment to write it out and invite God to help bring it to fruition. Remember, He’s bigger than every challenge and disappointment that’s tried to steal your hope, and He is FOR you. May this year be the year you ask God for the BIG things—and trust Him along the way!

Scriptures: Ephesians 3:20, Matthew 19:26, Jeremiah 32:17

124. Christmas Confessions

50 min

I can’t believe she said that!

In a new episode, Ginger and Erin dare to say out loud those things you’ve perhaps thought but most people aren’t willing to share. Those secret confessions that make you feel isolated or “less than” when in reality, we all have our stuff. So, let’s get real and deal with it together. Is it…

A challenge with one of your kids that makes you want to do anything but spend time with them?

The quiet-yet-nagging thought that maybe faith isn’t worth having anymore?

Whatever you need to get off your chest, join us and find out just how not-alone you are.


Which challenge was your hardest in 2023? Whether it was losing a loved one, relationship struggles, an opportunity falling through or a deep sense of doubt, know that you’re not alone! Spend a couple minutes talking it out with God—whatever hurts, whatever feels impossible, whatever dreams may feel too slow in arriving. Know that even when it feels otherwise, He’s listening, He’s with you, and there is good ahead.

Scriptures: Isaiah 40:31, Romans 15:13

123. Think Your Way to Stronger Relationships (with Love McPherson)

50 min

Did you know your thoughts play a big role in your relationships? It’s true—a simple idea can either wreak havoc or solidly establish your connections with the people around you. Check out this episode with Joyce, Ginger, Erin, and Love McPherson for a crash course on finding and replacing unhealthy, damaging thoughts with thinking that will help your relationships flourish for the long haul.


Who do you find yourself the most frustrated with? What kind of thoughts normally fill your mind about the people who get on your nerves? Take a minute to write them out. Look at them. These are your thoughts. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you which parts are true, but lack love, and which ones need His fuller perspective. Invite Him to help you, and He’ll give you grace to become quicker to listen, slower to speak and slower to get angry.

Scriptures: 1 Peter 4:8, James 1:19-20, Colossians 3:14

122. Goodbye Loneliness with Love McPherson

42 min

Lonely. The word MANY people—whether they’re homebound or in the middle of a crowd—would use to describe themselves. No matter your life circumstances or relationship status, we all feel alone at times, and thankfully, we can all do something about it! Check out this episode with Joyce, Ginger, Erin, and our friend and relationship expert Love McPherson for some practical steps and truths from Scripture to help you fight and overcome loneliness when it tries to bring you down. 


The next time you feel lonely, remember that you are deeply wanted and loved by God. Take a minute to look up the verses below and invite the Holy Spirit to make His presence more real to you…and show you at least one person in your life you can begin to cultivate a healthy friendship with. He loves you so much and wants you to feel close to Him and to have life-giving connections with others, too. We love you!

Scriptures: Isaiah 41:10, Matthew 28:20, Romans 8:38-39, Psalm 68:5-6

121. Who Is the Holy Spirit?

46 min

POP QUIZ: Who wants to help you at every turn, offer insight, comfort, and answers when there seem to be none? 

If you said the Holy Spirit, you’re absolutely right! Join Joyce, Ginger and Erin for a conversation that will help you understand and be encouraged by the Holy Spirit, who wants to give you the grace you need for every challenge you face, no matter how big or small.


Do you want to be filled with and led by the Holy Spirit but you’re not sure how? Or maybe it’s been a while since you’ve felt close to God? Take a few minutes to invite Him to make Himself real to you. It may happen in a moment or over time, but we’re believing that as you pray and seek God, you WILL find Him and experience the closeness and peace of His Spirit in you.

Scriptures: Luke 11:13, Isaiah 30:21, John 16:13

120. What Are You Thinking? - How Your Thoughts Affect Your Marriage

47 min

We have heard you loud and clear…we want more Dave Meyer! So it’s time for a marriage discussion, part 2, that you don’t want to miss.  In this episode, Dave’s back on the pink couch with Joyce, Ginger, and Erin to talk through even more of the many lessons they’ve learned in their nearly 57 years married that will help you think the right way when it comes to your spouse so you can maintain, build, or prepare for a loving, godly, life-giving marriage. 

And make sure you check out episode 67 to hear part 1 with Dave and Joyce!


How are you thinking about yourself? How are you thinking about your spouse? Ask God to help you see the way your thoughts are taking you when it comes to your spouse. If something surfaces that you need to deal with, invite Him to help you know the right timing, wording, and approach so you can reach a solution where you both win.

Also, dive into 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, and ask God to help you both to love each other well as you relate to each other. No marriage is perfect, but God’s love is, and as we lean on Him to help us, He’ll give us grace to be more and more like Him in the ways we relate to our spouse. 

Scriptures: Colossians 3:14 – 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

119. How to Think Like a Man – w/ Dadville!

50 min

Have you ever asked yourself, What in the WORLD is that guy thinking? Us, too! That’s why we invited a couple of fellas to the pink couch to give us some clarity! Ginger and Erin talk with their special guests Dave Barnes and Jon McLaughlin (from the Dadville podcast) about the many ways men think differently from women…and how we can better understand and communicate with the guys in our lives!


What’s something a guy in your life says or does that just doesn’t make sense? Take a minute to listen and ask him what he’s thinking, and not just reply. Remember, just because he thinks differently about something doesn’t mean he’s right or wrong! Ultimately, God wants to use the people in our lives to complement us in wonderful ways.

Scriptures: Proverbs 27:17 – Ephesians 4:32 – Ephesians 4:16

118. Defying a Culture of Rejection

44 min

How do you normally respond when someone rejects you? Whether it’s a disapproving look or a breakup that shatters your heart, rejection has a way of rocking our world. 

In this episode, Joyce, Ginger, Erin and their special guest Lisa Bevere talk through some of the ways rejection finds us in everyday life, share how we can heal from its effects, and remind us of how to remind ourselves of the truth: that God fully accepts and loves us. And His view of us is more accurate than anyone else’s, because it’s truth. Get ready to learn how to navigate your friendships, work, ministry, marriage, and even your own self-talk with the confidence of His constant love for you!


Write down the verses below, let them sink into your heart, and put them where you'll see them consistently. Hold on to them, maybe even look up a few more about God's love and acceptance. Make your own list of Scriptures that encourage you. And remember this: rejection is not who you are. YOU are loved, you are accepted, you are a daughter or son of God, and He will never reject you. It's always safe to lean into Him-take some time to receive His love for vou.

Scriptures: Proverbs 27:10 – Psalm 139:17

117. The Big Questions for Women with Lisa Bevere

50 min

What aspects of life as a woman are the most challenging? Frustrating? Beautiful? Downright confusing? We’ve all got questions, and today it’s time for ANSWERS.

In this conversation, Ginger, Erin and Joyce talk with Lisa Bevere about all the things we want to know as women! Joyce and Lisa share their perspectives as female pioneers in a male-dominated profession and how they’ve dealt with people’s endless opinions about their lives. From leadership and ministry to how to carry ourselves in work, church and other environments, and how to balance it all, this episode is all about letting go of unhealthy expectations and finding the freedom we were born to live in as God’s daughters.  


Next time you're feeling a little vulnerable/uncomfortable as a woman, maybe even the only woman in the room, remember that God is the One who protects you, vindicates you, equips you, and loves you so much, just as you actually are. There's a reason that He has you in that room, so you can be so confident in that.

Write out 3 things about yourself that you know God put in you. Put it somewhere that you'll see and remember it, and when you have questions, take them to Him- He has the answers you need!

Scriptures: Psalm 3:3 – Psalm 46:5 – Proverbs 31:10

116. The Fall of Joyce Meyer *Literally

44 min

Oh, how we’ve missed you! And in true Talk It Out fashion, we’re kicking things off with some real talk! In today’s conversation, Ginger and Erin talk with Joyce about some crazy health challenges she’s recently faced, and how God has taught her about pressing on in really difficult circumstances. It’s full of practical encouragement for all of us…no matter what we’re going through, we can’t give up!


  • PRAY. When you’re going through something hard, go to God with this attitude: “God, whatever it is You want to show me, I’ve got an open heart, help me to see it. And [even if things don’t go the way I planned] … I'm going to trust you in the meantime.
  • THINK. The next time you encounter a problem, let God’s Word frame your thoughts about it. Here’s a few examples from Joyce: God loves me, He’s with me and He's going to help me in this. 
  • WRITE IT OUT. Write out today’s two Scriptures and remember to take care of your spirit every day so you can stay strong and be ready for the challenges of life that come unexpectedly.

Scriptures: Proverbs 18:14 – Ephesians 6:11-18

115. Overcoming Every Problem

48 min

Are you worn out from dealing with problems? Not sure exactly where to turn for real answers that work? Whether they’re issues in our relationships, finances, mental and emotional health, physical sickness, or just life’s daily struggles, we all have something that just wants to keep us down. But there’s good news! God wants to help you overcome all of your problems.

In today’s episode, Joyce, Ginger, Jai and Erin discuss practical, guiding tips to help you find and understand specific promises in God’s Word for any and every problem you face. Get ready to conquer the day-in-and-day-out challenges that used to leave you stumped, and stay tuned all the way to the end for a special announcement and prayer for Jai as she takes an amazing next step of faith!

114. Happy Birthday Joyce!

44 min

It’s party time!

Ever wished you could get Joyce’s advice on life? If you want to know how she’s made it through so many years of ministry, marriage and motherhood all while staying close to Jesus, this is the conversation you’ve been waiting for! Watch or listen in as Ginger, Jai and Erin celebrate Joyce’s 80th birthday and talk about how to age with grace, watching God fulfill His promises as each season of life unfolds. You’ll come away with all kinds of Joyce’s tips (real GOLD!) to live long, strong and joyful!

P.S. It’s not too late to wish Joyce a happy birthday on social media!

113. The Pain of Pornography

55 min

Today’s episode is different. This isn’t just a topic of conversation. This is our lives. We want to share with you a very real and emotional discussion we had about the pain of pornography. A pain that hits really close to home for so many of us and has left us broken and overwhelmed with questions and anger.

Whether you are right in the thick of discovering your loved ones addiction, or you are years out, please listen in. We want to remind you that you are good enough, you are beautiful just the way you are, and you are not alone.

112. Broken Crayons Still Color

50 min

We all have moments that seem to break us a little. Sooner or later, we each face seasons where the pain of those moments feels unbearable, and the effects of what we’ve done or experienced paint a picture that looks like the end of our purpose.

But guess what? It’s not over yet. Because in the words of today’s guest, broken crayons still color.

Join Ginger, Jai, Erin and special guest Toni Collier for a conversation with grit, candor and humor that will remind you that even in your brokenness, your life is still beautifully filled with purpose.

111. A Desperate Prayer for a Baby

53 min

There’s an unspoken pain that comes with struggling to conceive. The deep desire in your very core to be a mom just isn’t happening. Or maybe you’re watching friends or family members struggle with infertility, and your heart is breaking for them. Maybe you or someone around you is silently grieving the loss of a precious baby.

Because infertility is much more common than we often realize, there’s a good chance it’s affected you or someone you love in a deep way. Whatever your story has been, please join us for this very important episode. Join Ginger, Jai, Erin and their good friends Jami and Kim for a conversation that will encourage and remind you that right here, right now, you are anything but alone.

110. Grace to Start Over with Taylor Madu

51 min

There’s no way God still loves me…He knows how broken I am.

I’ve lost too much and messed up too much to help anybody else.

Grace? Yeah, that’s for them, not me.

My bad decisions got me here—I deserve this pain.

Any of these thoughts sound familiar? When we’re going through deep pain and loss, it’s easy to think that we’re past hope and beyond God’s love, but nothing could be further from the truth. Join Ginger, Jai, Erin and the stunning Taylor Madu (co-pastor of Social Dallas and wife of Robert Madu) to find out why and how He will never leave your side, no matter how deep the pain.

109. When Faith Gets Crazy Hard

45 min

Faith is great. It even seems unshakable at times…until.

Until the layoff. Until that friendship unravels. Until the loved one you’ve been praying for passes away. Until your vision for the future is totally upended by a loss you never saw coming.

What do we do when we get to “until”? Join Joyce, Ginger, Jai and Erin for a conversation where they share keys to help you hold on to your faith, stay close to Jesus and have hope, even in the middle of circumstances that feel too heavy to handle. He’s got you.

108. Being a Girl is No Joke

45 min

Life as a girl can be both an incredibly beautiful experience and an extremely challenging one, no matter what your background. Satan fights HARD to keep us from living in freedom and boldness, because he knows a God-empowered woman is a massive threat to his plans. But guess what? He loses every time we genuinely discover our value and start fighting back.

Join us for a conversation where Joyce, Ginger, Jai and Erin talk through some of the joys + challenges they’ve overcome in life and in ministry, look at ways we can make life better for each other, and equip you to start taking back what the enemy has stolen.

107. The Answer to Anxiety

41 min

Anxious but not sure what to do about it? We have BEEN there. Join us for this empowering conversation with Joyce, Ginger, Jai, Erin and Love McPherson where we talk in-depth about everyday ways to fight anxiety, fear, dread and worry that actually make a difference. If you’ve ever wondered,

When I feel anxiety start to hit, what should I do?

After a lot of disappointments, how do I stop expecting more bad things to happen?

How can I calm myself down when I wake up shaking in the middle of the night? 

…this episode is for you. Listen in for tools and reminders from God’s Word that will equip you to live your best life with real peace.

106. Psalm 139: A Love Story

50 min

Valentine’s Day. You either love it or you hate it, for a variety of reasons. For some of us, we love the ooey gooey hearts and flowers of it all… others of us are still reeling from a messy breakup, loneliness in a marriage or the aching disappointment of being single for too many years.

Wherever you are on the relational spectrum, this episode will build + lift your heart. Listen in as Ginger, Jai and Erin unpack Psalm 139—one of the sweetest love notes in Scripture—and how it relates to you. Get a glimpse of the beauty your Creator sees in you, the unconditional, never-goes-away-or-runs-out kind of love He’s always had for you, and hear a few of the stunning thoughts He’s thinking about you.

105. Say It Like You Mean It - w/ Chelsea Perry

48 min

What if we told you there was a simple, doable way to start shifting the direction of your life towards everything God has for you? Guess what? There is. And it all starts with being purposeful as you speak over and about your life.

Tune in to this episode with Joyce, Ginger, Jai and Erin as they welcome author and entrepreneur Chelsea Perry (who Joyce has known since Chelsea was in kindergarten!)—to share the most practical steps you can take to harness the power of your words, one of our most underrated tools.

And tune in to find out how Chelsea chose to use her words intentionally as she waited for the man of her dreams, even when the years kept going by and by…and how God made those years work together for the absolute best outcome.

104. Does Your Past Define Your Future? With Meredith Brock

01 hr 04 min

Is there a part of you that feels like your past has already ruined your future? We all have something—whether it’s trauma that’s wrecked our self-image, a lack of opportunity in childhood, or even a seemingly fatal mistake—that looks like a sentence to a life of less-than.

But guess what? It isn’t. And today’s episode can help you find your new beginning. Join in as Ginger, Jai and Erin connect with their amazing friend, Meredith Brock (CEO of Proverbs 31 Ministries) and share the incredible power of surrendering the pain of your past and letting God transform your story…because He’s the best Author.

103. The Bible - What's in it for you?

48 min

Has the idea of studying the Bible ever felt intimidating? Whether it seems like more of a commitment than you can handle, reading has been a challenge or you just don’t know how long you can actually stare at the book of Leviticus (lol we don’t recommend beginning there, but there is some gold to be found in it!), we’ve got you covered!

Tune in as Joyce joins Ginger, Jai and Erin for a conversation where each one of them shares scriptures and tips that will make your time in God’s Word feel like anything but a chore. Listen and find out just how alive, helpful and life-changing your Bible is, and how its Author is right there with you, making each verse come alive like never before.

102. Our Favorite Scriptures

49 min

Guys, we are GIDDY about this episode. You might think, “Bible verses make you giddy?” Yes, because they can literally change your world! In today’s episode, Joyce, Ginger, Jai and Erin share some of their favorite scriptures that have seen them through some of both the hardest and the best seasons of their lives.

Do you have any favorites? If you don’t, we’d love to share some of ours with you to get you started. This one is definitely a note-taking kind of episode, so grab your coffee and your notes app (or lined paper if you’re like Erin!) and get ready to leave this episode with an encyclopedia of encouragement for whatever you’re walking through.

101. Advice to Our Younger Selves w/ Christine Caine + Lisa Harper

48 min

Ever wished you could go back in time and give your past self some advice that you needed then? When we’re looking for answers or encouragement in the middle of a hard time, we all need to hear from godly people in different seasons and circumstances, because each one has wisdom we need.  

On that note, we’re so excited to share this special Q-and-A session with Joyce, Ginger, Christine Caine and Lisa Harper from Joyce’s women’s conference! Watch or listen as they laugh together and share some of the best advice they would give their younger selves when it comes to purpose, being yourself, momming... and even how to handle your Spanx. 

100. Why You Need to Celebrate Your Progress

51 min

When was the last time you really celebrated? Was it a traditionally “big” moment, like someone’s wedding or graduation? If it’s been a while since you took a moment to really note the progress God is bringing you, tap that play button!

Today—in Talk It Out’s 100th episode!—Joyce, Ginger, Jai and Erin are celebrating all the amazing things God has done throughout the last 3+ years in their lives and yours. Watch or listen for a fun, joy-filled time where you’ll laugh, be encouraged, and learn just how powerful it can be to take time to celebrate your progress.

99. Lies We Believe

50 min

Have you ever found yourself believing a lie? Maybe one of these will ring a bell…

I can’t understand the Bible—it’s too confusing.

Because ______ said I’m not good enough, it must be true.

It’s hopeless—this problem will never go away.

NO one understands how I’m hurting…I really am alone.

Satan loves to use our circumstances, other people, the culture around us, and even our own thoughts to wedge and cement lies just like these in our thinking... but God’s Word has the power to set us free from all of them. Check out this episode where Joyce, Ginger, Jai and Erin share the truths from God’s Word that empower you to overcome every lie the enemy tries to throw at you!

98. Psalms - Finding Beauty Beyond the Pain

50 min

If you’ve been trying to decide what to read in your quiet time, we have one word for you.


We love this book so much, we had to do a whole episode about it!

With more verses than any other book in the Bible, Psalms is jam-packed with beauty, gut-wrenching honesty, words of wisdom, and comforting reassurance for us, even in the middle of pain. Listen in today as Joyce, Ginger, Jai and Erin talk through just a few of the most practical treasures we can find in the psalmists’ most authentic conversations with God.

P.S. Snag your copy of Joyce’s newest devotional on the book of Psalms at!

The devo you need this fall.

Every day God wants us to share the good, the bad and the ugly with Him, openly and honestly. That’s the beauty of Psalms. Each chapter reveals how the psalmists poured out their heart to God when they were joyful, content, peaceful and hopeful as well as when they were fearful, discouraged, angry and lonely. These daily devotions will help you do the same...bringing you closer to Jesus as you worship Him in times of rejoicing and times of difficulty.

97. The Heartbreak of a Mom

41 min


The name can bring up a sea of emotions—everything from fear to desire, to grief to frustration. We all have different challenges associated with momming, whether we dream of becoming one, are in the throes of raising several kids, or aren’t sure how we feel about having any at all.

Whatever your situation is, there’s gold for you in this episode. Listen in as we look back at a couple of our conversations (including one with the lovely Lisa Harper!) where we share how you can navigate the teen years, embrace God’s unique plan for you, trust Him to take care of your kids, and let Jesus in to heal your heart where you’ve been broken.

P.S. You can find this episode’s special offer and get more Talk It Out content at!

96. Discovering Your Style, Designing Your Life with Katie Torwalt

50 min

Style…fun to talk about but does it really matter? Does God even care about style?

Tune in today as Ginger, Jai and Erin welcome Katie Torwalt for a fun, uplifting talk about everything from wardrobe to decorating. You’ll come away with inspo for days, a glimpse of how your God-given uniqueness can be expressed in fashion, and practical steps that can help you design your life to reflect His glory through your personality. And if decorating or putting outfits together isn’t your jam, listen for some truth bombs that will help you embrace + express your authentic self!

P.S. You can find this episode’s special offer and get more Talk It Out content at!

95. What to Do When People Are Hard to Love

51 min

Who’s been testing you lately? Whether it’s the terrible driver in the school pickup line, an in-law that just keeps harping on a controversial topic, or even someone close to you who’s hurt you deeply, God has the grace you need to stay calm + respond with love for even the most difficult people.

Today, Joyce, Ginger, Jai and Erin talk through some of their biggest pet peeves with people and share some practical wisdom God has taught them in hard situations. Listen in for several keys that will help you keep your cool, stay free from bitterness and act out of His strength in even the hardest tests.

P.S. You can find this episode’s special offer and get more Talk It Out content at!

94. When Friendship Isn't Easy

48 min

What do you do when a seemingly simple, happy friendship hits a rough patch?  

Whether it’s an offense, misunderstanding, insecurity, jealousy or even betrayal, we all face challenges that get in the way of having strong relationships with our friends—that’s why we need this episode! Join Ginger + Jai + Erin as they chat about some of the most widespread questions we all have about friendships, like: 

1) How can I connect with people to begin with?  

2) What should I do when I’m feeling lonely or rejected?   

3) How do I need to navigate hard conversations?   

4) What are some practical ways to set healthy boundaries?  

Tune in to join the conversation and snag some solid tips that will help you grow in each of your friendships! 

P.S. You can find this episode’s special offer and get more Talk It Out content at! 

93. How to Unlock Your Purpose

50 min

What is God’s purpose for my life?

This is the ultimate question that we all come to at some point. It’s one of the hardest to answer, and one that we often spend years trying to figure out. But guess what? You don’t have to.

In this episode, Joyce joins Ginger + Jai + Erin to give you the key to escaping analysis paralysis when it comes to your calling, and together they show you how to breathe more easily and embrace God’s will for you as a daily journey.

You can find this episode’s special offer and get more Talk It Out content at!

92. No Offense, But…

51 min

Sooooo…… you’re offended. Maybe they hurt you. Maybe they confused you. Maybe they just annoyed you.

What are you going to do about it?

Today, Joyce joins Ginger + Jai + Erin to give you everyday keys to keep your cool when people aggravate you, shift the atmosphere of a conversation where it’s getting bristly, and believe the best of those around us.

P.S. You can find this episode’s special offer and get more Talk It Out content at!

91. How to Enjoy A Life of Freedom

48 min

Do you feel trapped by an addiction? Controlled by the opinions of others? Sometimes freedom from the weight of the world feels so far away. But did you know that Jesus wants us to have the best kind of life? He’s promised us freedom from anything that seems to have a hold on us!

Whether you’ve struggled with constant temptation, people-pleasing, or even feeling overwhelmed as you’re dealing with someone else’s challenges, join Ginger + Jai + Erin (and their friend Mercy who Zooms in from Zambia!) and learn how you can be free indeed. 

P.S. You can find this episode’s special offer and get more Talk It Out content at!

90. A Grieving Heart, Ft. Kayla Stoecklein

47 min

If you or someone close to you has been affected by deep loss—including death by suicide—tune in ASAP. Today, Ginger, Jai + Erin meet with Kayla Stoecklein to talk through the reality of what it’s like to grieve the death of a loved one or a dream, how to recognize + embrace the different ways we each process our pain, and ways to support those around you in their own grief journey. 

Listen in for a priceless reminder of the hope + beauty that can be found in life, even after heartbreak.

89. How to Be Brave, Ft. Annie F. Downs

50 min

What feels too scary right now? Are you in a relationship where you (or people you trust) are seeing red flags, but walking away feels impossible? Maybe you have a dream to start something new, or to see the people around you grow closer to Jesus, but you just don’t know where to start.

Wherever you might need a boost of courage, click that play button! Today, Ginger Jai and Erin welcome Annie F. Downs back to the set to share a few of their own do-it-afraid moments + drop some truth bombs that will equip + push you to be brave in the everyday-est of ways.

88. What to Do When You’re Feeling Stuck

47 min

What do you do when you feel stuck somewhere in the middle of your journey God’s got you on, and He seems to only show you one small step at a time? How do you respond when the destination He’s bringing you to feels not only like a complete mystery, but so far that you’ll never get there? Do you stress out trying to imagine or plan the rest, or sit still, overwhelmed by fear of the unknown? Whichever your knee-jerk response is, being in the middle of a trying season is always a chance to grow.

Listen in for some rubber-meets-the-road stories + advice from Ginger, Jai, Erin and their fiercely enduring friend Kim that will help carry you through the middle and give you the endurance to keep on hoping, one step at a time.

87. Building Relationships You Crave

50 min

If you’re a parent, dating, married, an employee, or a friend, you need this episode! Your relationships may be in a great place right now or maybe they’re tougher than ever. No matter where you are, we all want to have better connections with the people closest to us.  

Jai’s good friend Love McPherson (a certified marriage and family counselor + relationship expert) joins the conversation this week and shares some major relationship truths that had Erin rethinking how she’s parenting, while Jai gets honest about some realizations she had about her recent relationship.  Anyone and everyone you talk to will thank you for taking time to listen to this one!

86. Finding Joy in the Midst of Despair

47 min

Have you ever felt so low that it seemed like your joy was dead? If you or someone close to you is in that place right now, hit the play button on this episode.

Thankfully, joy is so much deeper than happiness…it’s truly God’s strength to carry us through our most difficult seasons. Tune in as we welcome Joyce to the set and unpack several everyday ways to grab hold of hope and experience the joy Jesus has for you, even in the middle of heartbreaking situations.

85. Exchanging Your Pit for a Promise of Hope

47 min

Do you ever find yourself in a pit of unhealthy thinking? Maybe you’re carrying some pain from a past relationship or fighting jealous thoughts that make enjoying life nearly impossible. Or maybe you just need hope in the middle of a situation that feels overwhelming right now. Wherever you might find yourself, there’s a treasure for you in this episode.

Join us as we apply some of Joyce’s best lessons from previous women’s conferences, and experience the freedom that comes with taking God at His Word.

P.S. Make sure you WATCH this episode if you can! Joyce shares some fun, very visual props in this episode that you have to see to believe.

84. Answering Life's Hard Questions, Ft. Lisa Harper

54 min

What tough questions are on your mind these days? Chances are, we talked through at least one of them in this episode. So many of you sent in such good amazing, meaningful questions for us to answer that we decided to call in reinforcements: Joyce and the lovely Lisa Harper!

Listen in as we unpack what God’s Word says about things like why healing doesn’t always look the way we expected, how to respond when you’re suffering, what to do when you’re in a relationship with someone who doesn’t believe like you, and more.

It’s about to get real.

83. The Beauty Episode - Even Prettier

51 min

You loved the first beauty episode so much, we decided it was high time for another one! Today, Ginger, Jai and Erin powwow with friend + professional makeup artist Jen Smith for an eye-opening conversation. Between years of experience, seeing the reality behind the magazine photos we all think of as perfection, and going through a cosmetic procedure that went terribly wrong, Jen's story will give you an inside glimpse into the beauty industry and help you see the real people behind the smoke and mirrors. Get ready to overcome the habit of comparing yourself to others and see yourself the way Jesus does: wonderfully made for a unique purpose. 

Also, tune in to find out a few of the ladies’ favorite beauty secrets, and why you should wear pleather pants when you have a rash. Trust us, it’ll make sense later. 

82. 3 Ways to Change Your Thoughts

46 min

Our thinking truly does affect every other part of our lives, and that’s why Joyce, Ginger, Jai and Erin compared notes on how we can harness the power of our thoughts for good.

Tune in for a episode that will leave you with 3 action steps to help you stop negative thoughts in their tracks, see yourself the way God does, and start every day by getting dressed and ready to fight with your God-given spiritual armor.

Plus, Ginger shares how God helped her upgrade her helmet of salvation—and how you can, too!

81. Are You Really Enough?

48 min

This one goes out to all the ones who wonder if they’ll ever be good enough. Too many of us go through life feeling totally insignificant, believing the enemy’s lies about our value and thinking we’ll never measure up for countless reasons.

If you’re in that place right now, take a minute to soak up this good news: no matter what you’ve experienced, what you do or don’t have, or what anyone thinks, you’re anything but disqualified. You’re actually perfectly designed and equipped for everything God has planned for you.    

Tune in for a few everyday examples from Joyce, Ginger, Jai and Erin that will help you remember this game-changing truth and see yourself the way God does—as His cherished child with a unique destiny, much-needed purpose, and immeasurable potential.

80. Finding Peace in a Stressed-Out World

51 min

Feeling constantly triggered and overwhelmed with stress? For many of us, it’s never been easier to feel buried by the weight of the world, the challenges our loved ones are facing, plus our own personal issues that just don’t seem to end. That’s why Ginger, Jai and Erin wanted to let you in on some of their everyday stressors, share the keys that will help you overcome yours, and remind you that no matter what surrounds you, peace is possible.

79. A Prayer How-To

54 min

Does prayer seem like a chore to you? Maybe you feel like it’s a show you have to put on to impress God and others, or a masquerade where you hide everything that doesn’t feel holy enough. We all have misconceptions about talking to God that make it hard to be honest with Him. But guess what—this is the one where we unpack the truth about prayer that will set you free!

Listen in as the girls talk with Joyce about different aspects of prayer that they’ve struggled with, practical ways to pray in the middle of everyday situations, and the victories they’ve found through being totally unfiltered and authentic with Jesus.

78. The Power of Thankfulness

44 min

Two words hold the power to shift your perspective in nearly any situation, even when life throws you curveballs. What are they? Thank you. Listen in as Joyce joins Ginger, Jai and Erin to unpack practical ways to harness the power of staying grateful. You’ll chuckle when they share some of their funnier examples (like when Joyce lost her pants at the spa) and discover the way to unlock greater peace than you ever thought possible.  

77. A Real-Life Gripe Session

53 min

We’ve all got at least one thing to gripe about, don’t we? Whether it’s traffic, a messy house, relationship struggles, financial strain, technology not working, prolonged physical pain or something else entirely, it can be so easy to fall into the habit of complaining.

Join the girls as they welcome Megan Rossman back to the set to talk out real-life frustrations they’re each going through and discover the key to acknowledging your complaints without letting them run your mind or your life.

76. An Honest Christmas Conversation

47 min

This episode is so much more than your typical holiday special.

Today, we don’t just reflect on the beauty of the Christmas story.

Today, we recall some of our hardest moments, and remember what it means to have Emmanuel—God with us—in the middle of circumstances that seem way too big to handle.

AND today, we’re going to talk through what it looks like to ask God our hardest questions, let Him lead our lives, and live in a way that tells the good news of His love.

Merry Christmas, friends!


Ginger + Jai + Erin

75. No More Shackles, Ft. Mary Mary's Erica Campbell

48 min

Ever heard the song “Shackles” by Mary, Mary? It’s been an anchor to people all over the world for over two decades, so if you haven’t, look it up and enjoy the throwback to 2000!

Like our lives, the story behind this anthem is full of ups and downs, and the message is still deeply applicable today. Join Ginger, Jai and Erin as they welcome Erica Campbell from Mary, Mary and unpack practical ways to fight back when the enemy attacks, praise God in hard times, and how to let His strength carry you through until every shackle is broken. 

74. Stories from Short Creek: Life After Polygamy

16 min

On this special Giving Tuesday episode, Ginger, Jai and Erin welcome their friend Rachael Athearn back to the podcast to give you a glimpse of how the Short Creek Dream Center (located at the former home of Warren Jeffs, the FLDS polygamist cult leader) has done a complete 180 to become a place of hope. In a house where women and children used to be raped, manipulated and stalked day and night, they’re now rediscovering their identity, healing from the past, and learning to laugh again… all because of the love and support of someone a lot like you.

73. When You’re Hurting

45 min

Anxiety, depression, and even plain heaviness can hit anyone – even at those times when everyone else seems so happy. Know that you aren’t alone, and that you can fight back. Today’s episode of the Talk It Out podcast is exactly what you need for the fight. We focus on some special moments from previous episodes where our friends shared really practical advice on battling depression and healing from past hurts. Get some encouragement from Joyce and special guests Michelle Williams, Lisa Harper and Dr. Henry Cloud and discover how to find indescribable hope in Christ.

72. How to Truly Forgive

45 min

Who are you fighting to forgive? Whether it’s an ex, someone you used to call friend, a parent, or even a person you’re doing life with, forgiveness is a hard thing—but thank God He’s willing to help us through the process! Listen as Joyce joins the girls and they unpack the steps you can take every day to let go of offenses, respond with grace to frustrating situations, and even forgive the people who’ve caused some of your deepest wounds. As you work with Him through the process, He’ll meet you right where you are and heal you in every place where you’ve been broken.

71. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, Ft. Dr. Henry Cloud

38 min

How often do you feel like you have to hide how you actually feel, or who you truly are? If your answer is “too much”, then today is the day to start flipping that script!

In this special episode from our 2021 virtual Love Life Women’s Conference, the girls ask Joyce and Boundaries author Dr. Henry Cloud incredibly real, specific questions about mental + emotional wellness, and boy do they deliver! Get ready to be equipped and challenged to become your authentic, whole self, and to help those around you do the same.

Let’s get real, y’all.

70. Love, Joy and Self-Control (eeek!)

48 min

We’re back for Part 2—with Joyce in the studio!—to unpack even more practical tips to help you level up in your life. Don’t miss this one, beautiful!

69. Peace, Patience and Humility, Oh My

48 min

What’s your favorite fruit? 

No, we’re not talking about melons or apples or grapes or bananas or… well, you get where this is going. 

What we ARE talking about is the fruit of the Spirit—otherwise known as love + joy + peace + patience + kindness + goodness + faithfulness + gentleness + self-control—and practical ways we can cultivate each one in our lives.

Also, tune in to find out what a pufferfish and an Italian dressing bottle have to do with the fruit of the Spirit, and don’t forget that Joyce is joining us in 2 weeks for part 2, so don’t miss out!!

68. A Woman's Heart, Ft. Lisa Harper

56 min

Y’ALL. Guess who’s joining us today.

You might know her as one of the most honest, hilarious storytellers and Bible scholars teaching today…

Or maybe as the one who was brave enough to become a mom at age 50 and adopt her beautiful daughter from another country…

Or maybe you haven’t met her yet at all—in which case, you’re in for an absolute blast.

Wondering who it is? Drumroll please…the dynamic Lisa Harper!!

Tune in as Lisa + the girls talk through some of the deepest longings in our hearts—from marriage to careers to momming—and how to hold on to hope when those desires don’t fit others’ expectations or our timetable.

It’s time to let your heart beat again.

67. Joyce and Dave Tell All: Keys to Marriage

55 min

In case you’ve ever wanted to know Dave + Joyce’s secrets to staying [happily] married for decades, this is the episode you’ve been waiting for! Today they share the good, bad and ugly of their early years together, how they learned to pray effectively about their marriage, plus a hilarious disagreement over Dave’s shirt that gave us all a good laugh.

Whether you’re single, married, divorced or somewhere in between, Dave + Joyce’s stories and life lessons will give you tools to help you grow in your relationships.

66. How can I trust God when…?

48 min

Ever asked God, “Why?” So have we. In today’s episode, we talk through some of the grittiest situations we’ve walked through that brought us to the point of asking hard questions, coming face-to-face with doubt, and discovering how God’s faithfulness enables us to hold on to hope when we start to drift.

65. How to Study the Bible

46 min

If you’ve been feeling lost or stuck when it comes to Bible study, join the girls for a gold mine of practical tips that will help you soak up God’s Word. No matter how long it’s been since you’ve had a good quiet time, Jesus is ready to meet you right where you are, and His Word can lift your heart again.

64. The Power of Friendship

46 min

We can hardly believe it’s been two years since it all began in Ginger’s living room with the four of us laughing, crying and praying together, and we’re so grateful you’ve joined us! Over cupcakes, we’re celebrating the beauty of godly friendships, unpacking some of Joyce’s best relationship wisdom, and we just *might* be surprising each other with presents that tell a story.

63. The Girls Talk Psalm 23

48 min

Did you know that six out of the top 10 most-searched verses on BibleGateway are from Psalm 23? Listen in to hear the girls highlight their favorite verses in this powerful chapter, and discover the comfort it holds for your own life. Get ready—you’re about to appreciate this psalm on a whole new level!

62. Impostor Syndrome

43 min

If you’re sick of projecting a “socially acceptable” version of yourself, pretending things are okay when they’re not, or feeling afraid to be the real you, girl, LISTEN IN! This is the one where Joyce schools us on how to embrace ourselves + overcome one of the most restrictive problems we face: the impostor syndrome.

Get ready to be real again.

61. The Art of Living Amazed

46 min

Hey there, beautiful!

What if I told you that you didn’t have to lose your childlike faith or sense of wonder when you grow up? Would you believe it if I said that you didn’t have to be busy yet bored out of your mind, even in a pandemic? In the midst of the challenges you’re facing, what if your life could still have meaning and beauty and fun?

Well guess what—it can! Today Joyce teaches us the art of living amazed and my friends Jai, Erin and I spill the secrets and treasure the moments where we’ve regained our adventure and wonder.

Tune in to hear about how Erin’s kids named a slug on their way to school, the compliment that made Megan cry, the odd spot where Jai found one of my souvenirs, and the joy we can all find as we slow down and enjoy the adventure God has placed right in our own backyard…just for us.

See you there!



60. Rejecting Rejection

56 min

We’ve all been through deep hurts and rejection that we never saw coming, and they usually lead us to questions like:

Does Jesus actually understand what this feels like?
Can I truly recover from the pain and rejection I’ve experienced? 
Is there a way to become so stable that I’m not shaken when people reject me? 

Any of these sound familiar? Girl, you’re in good company, and if you’re ready to know the answers, TUNE IN. Today, Ginger, Jai and Erin welcome Joyce and special guest Christine Caine to the set for a powerhouse conversation where they unpack the nitty-gritty details of how you can begin to heal from rejection. 

Get ready to be encouraged, challenged, and reminded of God’s unconditional love + acceptance. 

P.S. After the recording, Joyce shared that she really felt this episode was anointed to help people, so we can’t wait for you to hear it!

59. How to Stop Negative Thoughts

40 min

Ever feel like your mind is spinning out of control?

If you answered yes, today’s podcast is just for you! In this episode, the girls divulge some super usable, everyday steps and practices that will help you keep your head in a healthy space, no matter what you’re walking through. Whether you’re dealing with constant anxiety and worry, struggling with bitter thoughts toward someone who hurt you, or just fighting more negative thinking than normal, God’s Word has the hope and answers you need. 

It’s time to kick those crazy thoughts to the curb and get your peace back!

58. Taking Care of Yourself

38 min

Have you been putting off caring for yourself for too long? And does the idea of making that happen seem totally unrealistic?

Maybe your schedule has been packed 24/7, maybe you’re struggling with feelings of guilt when you try to do anything for yourself, or maybe you’re just not sure where to start.  Whether your biggest need is spiritual, physical, mental or emotional, it’s time for some TLC.

Join us for a special Girls’ Night In episode, where we meet with Joyce + special guest Holly Wagner to discuss why it’s vital to start caring for yourself, and then talk you through some super doable steps to get you started on your self-care journey… because, girl, you’re worth it!  


Joyce, Ginger, Jai & Erin

57. Raising Kids 101, 201 & 301

47 min

Feeling overwhelmed by all the hats you wear as a mom?

Whether your kiddos are preschoolers, teenagers, or grown with kids of their own, there’s a unique set of joys and struggles you’re going through, and today we just want to remind you that you are rocking this mom thing! So come huddle up with us as we talk through things we wish we’d known sooner, ways we’ve grown as moms, practical encouragement for your everyday momming, and get wrecked with us as we hear the sweetest, most unexpected kind words from our own families.

You can do this, sweet mama!


Ginger + Jai + Erin

56. Joyce Helps You Take Back Your Life

44 min

Are you done feeling pulled in every possible direction?

If you said yes, today is the day to take your life back! In this episode, Ginger, Jai and Erin welcome Joyce back to the set to unpack a handful of highlights from her new book that releases…. drumroll please…. TODAY! hey talk through some of the *very real* changes and challenges that come with age, and Joyce shares some practical tips on how to do today what will bring you joy later on.

55. Love Notes: A Little Encouragement For You, Ft. Natalie Grant

44 min

Do you like bubbles? Puppies? Encouraging notes about how fabulous you are?

Good, because every one of these fun pick-me-ups are in this episode! Today, Ginger, Jai and Erin have some surprise love notes for a few of their friends—and for YOU! There is nothing better than a sweet word from a friend, or even a stranger, at just the right time, which is why we’re so passionate about encouraging each other!  So today, pull up your chair, get cozy, and prepare to feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy feelings as we take a minute to love on each other!

P.S. We’ll also have a surprise visit from a friend that many of you know & love—listen or watch to find out who she is!!

54. The Value of a Woman, Ft. Nancy Alcorn

47 min

Do you really know how precious you are? Or has your heart been broken by the lie that you aren’t?

Right now, there are countless women who have no idea that they have value—much less that they’re perfectly and unconditionally loved by God—and we want to change that.

In today’s episode, Ginger, Jai and Erin welcome a truly amazing human to the podcast: the one and only Nancy Alcorn! She’s the founder of Mercy Multiplied (one of the organizations that Joyce Meyer Ministries partners with), and easily one of the most passionate people we know! Bursting with God’s Word and decades of experience with helping women heal, Nancy’s got some powerful words that’ll pump your heart full of His love.

Join the conversation for a few stories, tears and soulful reminders of just how valuable you are to Jesus.

53. Overcoming Depression, Ft. Michelle Williams

48 min

Are you feeling low? Hopeless? Overwhelmed by the future?

In the world we live in, so many people are struggling with depression.  It can show up in many ways and leave you feeling totally overwhelmed and helpless. But we have good news: it’s conquerable and there is hope!

Today, the stunning Michelle Williams (yes, from Destiny’s Child—we’re fangirling just a tad over here!!) is here and shares some of her most practical tips and inspiration from her own journey of encountering, fighting and overcoming depression. She and the girls unpack a lot of the nitty-gritty questions and details of how you can start on the road to recovery from depression—and even how to help a loved one who’s fighting that battle themselves.

Listen close for a few everyday steps that you can take to start living with purpose and joy again.

52. When God Doesn’t Pick You

45 min

Are you waiting for a dream that never seems to pan out?

Maybe you were passed up for that promotion, or you’re single and the husband you’re hoping for just hasn’t shown up, or the baby you’re aching for hasn’t made it to your arms. No matter what kind of disappointment you’re facing, this episode is for you. Today, the girls call Joyce to talk through several hands-on ways we can release any resentment that’s holding us back, and they leave you with some real-life encouragement to lift you up, no matter what you might be waiting for.

Get ready to take notes and find the keys that will help you let go of jealousy and find hope in the meantime.

51. Silencing Self Doubt

47 min

What do you do when you feel insecure?

Do you apologize excessively, beat yourself up for mistakes, or maybe re-think your words and choices…over and over again? Whichever it is, you’re not alone! Today, Ginger, Jai and Erin welcome their amazing friend Rachael to the studio where she shares how she used to mask self-doubt, and all the girls unpack practical strategies you can use to build godly confidence.

Join the conversation for Jai’s Mufasa impression and a reminder that you’re more than enough.

50. Everyday Problems, Everyday Answers

47 min

An unexpected friend stops by today and the girls’ reaction is priceless! And of course, the conversation is real and rich!

What questions have been swirling around in your mind lately?

Today Ginger, Jai and Erin unpack some of their own questions as they chat with Joyce and share their secrets about everything from navigating crazy intersections to learning how to relate to grown children, and even raising young kids in a post-COVID world.

Listen in for some of Mama Joyce’s signature, everyday wisdom and ring in the new year with us!

49. Feeling Lonely?

45 min

We know the holidays aren’t always full of cheer. So if you’re feeling lonely, cozy up with your favorite blanket and warm beverage for a Christmas heart-to-heart! Today, Ginger’s rocking her hot chocolate mustache, the girls find a sermon in a Christmas song, and they each share several usable, real-life action steps that will help you combat loneliness. Whether you’re by yourself or in a room full of people this year, you’re never truly alone.

Join us girls for a fun + eye-opening conversation, and a virtual get-together that will warm your heart.

Merry Christmas, beautiful!


Ginger + Jai + Erin

48. Talk It Out Big Moments

45 min

Ready for some nostalgia?

Since the beginning of the podcast, we’ve had so many unforgettable revelations of truth that transformed our lives—and countless others’—like we never saw coming. These incredibly poignant God-moments are so worth revisiting, we just had to take some time to remember His faithfulness.

Together, we’re praying that these heaven-meets-earth moments build a beautiful new message of hope for you.


Ginger + Jai + Erin

47. Peace Under Pressure

45 min

Ready to get your calm back?

In today’s episode, Ginger and Jai (we missed you, Erin!!) introduce us to their amazing friend Stacey Lindsey, and they each share specific things that help them deal with the pressures of life. Whether it’s a kickboxing class, the occasional yell, or a beautiful hike, we can all find something to help us manage stress when things get crazy.

Watch and learn some practical ways to stay peaceful under pressure!

John 14:27 – Matthew 11:28-30 – Psalm 118:5 – James 1:3-6– Isaiah 54:17 – 2 Corinthians 4:8

46. Girl, Get Dressed

46 min

Hey Girlfriends!

Choosing a fabulous outfit for the day? Don’t forget your full armor of God! That is what we are talking about today on a new episode and it has been a life-changer for us—protecting and preparing us for whatever we may face. Jai and I have been doing this for years and Erin just jumped in. She is already seeing great things!

So, how do I put on God’s armor?

This armor may be spiritual, but it is real too. And, friend, you will be decked out! During the podcast, Joyce said that we “pray, say and do.” That’s a great way to think about putting on your armor! Pray, ask God to clothe you in His armor, and thank him for it, out loud.

When I pray through this, I like to start at my head and make my way down. “God, thank you for the gift of your helmet of salvation. Let me think, see, hear and speak the way you want me to.” (Here, I like to throw in an added prayer for great hair too – it can’t hurt, right!

I ask for the breastplate of His righteousness, the belt of truth, and those fabulous shoes making me ready to share the Gospel of peace.

Then I move to the weapons. “Please arm me the shield of faith and the sword of your Word.” This is where the “do” comes in. Study the Bible so that your life is full to overflowing with God’s Word. Build up your faith by trusting God and remembering how He answers prayer. Now you are fierce!

If it helps you to remember, do it while you are putting on your actual clothes. Afterall, women are great multi-taskers. Now, you’re fully dressed; looking good and ready for whatever may lie ahead!

- Ginger

Ephesians 6:10-18 – Joshua 5 – Deuteronomy 28:13 – Psalm 5:12 – Isaiah 58:11

45. The Beauty Episode

44 min

Know what makes you beautiful?

In today’s episode, Ginger, Jai and Erin giggle over some of their more cringey style seasons and snafus—not to mention a recent breakdown over a DIY haircut gone wrong! Then they welcome their stunning friend Lori Potter to the show, whose story of healing and learning to love herself is sure to touch your heart.

Join in for a conversation about what real beauty is, and how we can start to see it in ourselves!

44. Facing the Impossible

38 min

What are you facing right now that feels just too big?

In today’s episode, Joyce joins the girls for the entire episode as they unpack how to face the seemingly impossible challenges in our lives. It’s encouraging, inspiring, and just what you need when the struggle is real…

So girls, grab that first…or third cup of coffee, and let’s talk it out together!

43. Do It Afraid

31 min

The girls crash Joyce’s Girls Night In party and talk about fear in a new way and some really cool things happen! They also answer a few of your questions and share some of their own fears and God-moments throughout the pandemic. And Joyce brings some powerfully encouraging words to strengthen your heart.

Get ready for a faith-lift that will help you push through anxiety and do it afraid.

42. What’s Your Vision?

48 min

Girl, did you know that God has an incredible vision for your life, and YOU get to be a part of formulating it? Today, Ginger, Jai and Erin giggle over some of the dreams they had growing up, and share some encouraging, doable steps that can help you find, pursue and hold on to your God-given purpose. 

Whether you’re feeling discouraged about a dream that hasn’t happened yet, or you don’t even know where to begin, we’re here to remind you, beautiful, that you are meant for greatness! So join us and let’s dream big dreams together!

41. You’re Stronger Than You Know

45 min

“How am I stronger?” you ask.

Girl, did you know that you have what it takes to fight back when life gets rough? That’s right! If you’re a Jesus follower, you have His authority behind you…something you’ve maybe never heard of or even knew you had. You are fierce! Join the girls today as they talk with Joyce and dig into some hands-on tactics and scriptures that have helped them discover their authority in Christ and face the challenges of life head-on. 

Whether your battle is a carsick kid in a storm, or something more serious like the betrayal of a spouse, listen in for a practical run-through of steps to fight back when you find yourself battling the enemy in your everyday life.

40. Need an Attitude Adjustment?

43 min

Whether it’s being cut off in traffic, dealing with a negative coworker, or getting an order messed up, we all have triggers that can bring out the worst in us in a flash. Today Ginger, Jai and Erin chat about a few of theirs and talk through how they’ve learned to adjust their attitudes, even in frustrating situations.

Listen in for a story of Tabasco sauce, soap, and a sports car gone sour, all while getting golden, real-life advice from Joyce on how to keep your cool in our crazy world.

39. What Do I Do?

45 min

Facing a difficult choice?

If so, you’re in good company! In today’s episode, Joyce and the girls talk through a few of their own moments of truth—moments where they had big decisions to make. They also share how God gave each of them the wisdom they needed to choose well, both for their own sake and for the sake of those around them.

Take a listen for some tried-and-true advice on making wise decisions!

38. Fight for Girls

41 min

God has wired us girls with so much strength and unique purpose, but there are still countless women who don’t know that yet. Today the girls talk with Shelly Meyer about how we can begin to fight for each other, and how each of us have been created on purpose, for a purpose.

Join us for some real talk about the pain we’re all facing, and a few ways we can come alongside and help each other heal.

37. Work It, Mom

25 min


Last week there was SO much gold in the girls’ chat about being a woman in the workplace with Jaimee Hall that we just couldn’t leave it on the cutting room floor! Listen for a story about red high heels that will encourage you, no matter what kind of work you do.

Oh, and be sure to listen in for a special invite to join the girls for Joyce’s first-ever Girls’ Night In! You can check out the details here:

36. Work It, Girl

45 min

Whether you’re a work-at-home mom or hitting the daily grind in the office, as women, we face a variety of unique situations in the workplace, whether good, bad or all-around interesting.

Today, Ginger and Erin open up about some challenging leadership lessons they’ve learned, Jai gets honest about what’s it’s like to be a woman of color in ministry, and their friend Jaimee shares how she’s found her confidence through Christ in a job story that could have ended very differently.

35. The Love of a Father

43 min

Everyone’s relationship with their dad looks a little different.

No matter what yours looks like, the girls have you covered. In this episode, Ginger, Jai and Erin call Joyce and talk through the challenges and blessings they’ve walked through with each of their dads, and how God’s love as our heavenly Father never ends.

Listen in for some beautiful memories, hard lessons, and real healing for your soul.

34. God, Are You There?

41 min

Having a hard time trusting God?

If so, girl, know that you are not alone. Today, Ginger, Jai and Erin get candid about their doubts, questions, and seasons of life where it’s been hardest to trust God, the ways He’s given them strength to endure, and the freedom that came afterwards.

Join us for some real-time discussion on how to keep trusting, even in the middle of crazy situations.

33. Hope in Sadness

41 min

Is it possible to hold on to hope, even in sadness?

In this episode, Ginger, Jai and Erin talk through some of the times they’ve struggled with sadness, hear from a few friends about how they’ve walked through it, and share the hope that can be found on the other side.

Listen in for an honest, practical, hope-filled conversation on navigating sadness and depression.

32. Strong Moms

41 min

What does it mean to be a strong mom?

If you want to find out, listen in! Today, Ginger, Jai and Erin share some lessons they’ve learned about being a mom, and a few of their favorite memories they’ve made with their kids. The girls’ moms also chime in with unforgettable, fun stories about each of them.

Join us for some real talk on the ups, downs, and unexpected turns of motherhood!

31. Take Care of Yourself

41 min

Are you taking time to take care of yourself?

We hope so! In today’s episode, the girls get to chat with one of Ginger’s close friends about how God’s love can transform our view of ourselves, revive our relationships, and even motivate us to take better care of our body, soul and spirit.

Get ready for some tears, laughs, and reminders that none of us have arrived—we’re all in the middle together!

30. Hope for Today's World

40 min

Hey, Gorgeous!

Wow, I was looking forward to this week’s podcast, but something extraordinary happened that I certainly didn’t expect, and it was powerful! Real, supportive friendships mean that you can be completely honest and talk about anything – and that is exactly what we did. I’m so proud of my friends and their openness, and thankful for Joyce and her wisdom.

Even during this time of COVID-19 and isolation like none other, God has plans to heal broken hearts and share His hope. Please join us, this may be for you!



29. Staying Calm in Fearful Times

38 min

There is so much going on in our lives right now; we have much to talk through! So, let’s get together for a special episode as we’re all dealing with COVID-19, quarantine, kids out of school, and working from home—all on top of the challenges of regular life—we need each other more than ever.

Join the girls for an encouraging, calming, much needed bonus episode of Talk It Out!

28. Loving the Haters

42 min

Who hurt you?  

We’ve all had a hater in our lives—someone who just seems to have it out for us, or maybe those close to us. In this episode, Ginger and Jai share a few stories of how God has healed their deepest wounds, and how He’s given them grace to deal with the haters in their lives.

Join the girls for a heart-to-heart that will help you heal!

27. A Place to Start Over

41 min

What have you lost?  

Whether it’s a dream, a position at work, or a sense of identity, loss has a way of throwing off our plans. Join the girls as they talk about different ways they’ve dealt with grief and how God has turned their losses into opportunities to begin again.

Listen in for a few laughs, a dose of hope and some practical ways to move forward!

26. Tears and a Bible Study

42 min

Lost touch with your Bible?  

If you have, don’t stress—we’ve all been there! In this episode, Ginger, Jai and Erin each talk through a handful of things that they do to keep the Bible alive and fun. They also share some of their most joyful and painful memories, and how some of their favorite verses have made them laugh, cry, and grow stronger than they ever thought they could be.

Join the huddle for a few happy tears and a fresh perspective on getting into God’s Word!

P.S. We want to spend more time with you! So starting right now, we’re going to release a new podcast every other Tuesday! Be on the lookout for our next email with new content, resource offers, and the girls’ latest adventures.

25. Relationship Games, Ft. Annie F. Downs

20 min

What do healthy relationships look like?  

Today, Ginger, Jai and Erin are talking with the fun-loving Annie F. Downs about the ups, downs, and unexpected turns they’ve experienced in their single, dating or married lives. The girls also get very real about the day-in, day-out process of learning how to communicate well, establish balanced boundaries, and enjoy every moment.

The girls talk about it all…dating apps, purity, and why we don’t have to be afraid to put ourselves out there every now and then. 

Get ready for a lighthearted look at relationships that just might give you a belly laugh. Or five. 

P.S. We want to spend more time with you, so starting right now, we’re going to release a new podcast every other Tuesday! Be on the lookout for our next email with new content, resource offers, and other behind-the-scenes goodies! 

24. Content in Every Season, Ft. Annie F. Downs

38 min

What are you waiting for?

In this episode, Ginger, Jai and Erin chat with author and podcaster Annie F. Downs about how we can cultivate contentment, even while we’re waiting for a dream to come true. They also share some of their funniest misconceptions of marriage and relationships, and Annie gives an honest voice to the everyday struggles of dating and being single in the church.

The girls invite you to laugh loud and listen in as they talk candidly about learning to enjoy where we are on the way to where we’re going!

P.S. We’ll be back in two weeks with a new podcast full of bonus wisdom and Annie-isms from Annie—stay tuned!

23. A Force to Be Reckoned With

42 min

When you find yourself in the middle of crazy-hard situations, who are you counting on?

In today’s episode, Ginger, Jai and Erin talk about how relying on the Lord and leaning on “your people” can make the heavy days a little lighter.

The girls also call Joyce, who shares some of the challenges she’s faced as a woman in a male-dominated field and what it really means to be a strong woman.

It’s about to get real, ladies! Because whether you realize it or not, you too are a force to be reckoned with.

22. Not Easily Broken

41 min

What does a strong woman look like?

Is she always intense and take-charge? Does she ever cry? In this episode, Ginger, Jai and Erin talk in detail about how strength and femininity can work together in a beautiful way. They also chat with their friend Donna about how God saw her through the hardest seasons of her life. Because of Him, she went from not even knowing if she could handle being a mom, to having all the strength she needed to raise them and  to become the powerhouse she is today. Now she’s fiercer than ever—and racing cars just for fun!

Get ready to join the girls for a conversation that will make you laugh, cry and want to get behind the wheel of life!

21. Don’t Panic

39 min

What are you afraid of?

Bumblebees? Raccoons? Being late? Letting people down?

In this episode, Ginger, Jai and Erin share some of the fears they face every day, verses that encourage them, and a few other things that help them combat anxiety. Joyce also gives us some practical, firsthand wisdom on fighting fear and trusting God in the middle of tricky situations. Believe it or not, even she still has to do things afraid sometimes!

It’s time for a killer plan of action.

Are you ready to shake off the fear that’s been holding you down?

20. How to Cope with Anxiety

39 min

Struggling with anxiety?

If you are, then you know the signs. Mind racing, heart pounding, “what ifs ripping you apart inside… So many of us are dealing with fear and anxiety, and we’re way past tired of it! That’s why the girls chose to talk this out on today’s episode.

Get ready to join Ginger, Jai and Erin’s heart-to-heart about their fight with anxiety… and how there is hope! No matter what we’re afraid of, God is bigger, and He is the peace we need!

So. Many. Tissues. Were used in the recording of this episode.

You can beat this, girl!

19. Mirror, Mirror

39 min

Do you like yourself?

This New Year’s Eve, the girls tackle a touchy topic: body image.

Today, Ginger, Jai and Erin get real about moments in their own lives where they questioned their own beauty. Jai is super honest about how her journey with body image affected her life and relationships. In true Talk It Out fashion, she shares a lot of wisdom about how she made it through that season, dealt with postpartum depression, and eventually learned to see herself as beautiful.

Join the conversation as we confront our own insecurities, navigate today’s crazy standards of beauty, and find our worth in Christ alone!

18. Juggling the Mom Life, Ft. Nicol Meyer

41 min

It's Christmas Eve (Yay!) and the girls are wrapping up the topic of Juggling It All. In this episode, Ginger, Erin and Jai share some super practical things they do when their lives get a little overwhelming. The ladies are also joined by their wonderful friend Nicol Meyer—mother of four boys—who shares her secrets to juggling it all. And you will love Nicol’s story about her husband’s first time home with their newborn!

17. Juggling It All

39 min

Fa la la la la… it’s almost Christmas! And while the girls are joyful and singing, they also start season 3 with such a timely topic for this holiday season...Juggling It All! From the stresses of getting little kids dressed and out the door, to juggling multiple jobs, we all have learned how to juggle. Find out why Ginger’s family made sacrifices to do this one thing, and get some great wisdom as the girls give Joyce a call to help them sort it all out.

16. Expectations in Marriage

39 min

As season two comes to an end, buckle up for this episode cause the ladies really bring it! Do you ever get mad at your spouse for passing up a dishwasher full of clean dishes? How about being a newlywed and finding out your husband loves to play golf—like really loves it?? Married or not, Mama Joyce shares some practical tips for healthy communication, picking your battles  and loving others as Christ loves us. And yet again, Jai and Ginger break out into song!

15. Are We Good Friends?

38 min

This week, the ladies talk more about the importance of friendships and our occasional “people problems” as Joyce gives us some encouragement about what we can personally do to make our relationships better. The ladies also have a special guest join them—their single friend Megan who shares her heart on what friendships mean to her and what dating is like these days.

14. We All Want Friends

38 min

Do relationships come pretty easy to you? Or would you say they are always drama-filled? In this episode, the ladies begin a new topic as Joyce shares tips on how to foster good relationships and the importance of going “all in” for God. And you’ve got to hear Ginger’s story about her Tom Selleck poster—check it out!

13. Exchanging Pain for Peace

40 min

As the ladies wrap up this series on healing, Mama Joyce joins them in studio to walk us through what it takes to really let go of the junk in our own lives. She’ll even share how something amazingly beautiful can come from it! You’ll hear about Ginger’s exchange story (we call her the queen of exchanges) and the eye-opening truth she learned from it, and get an update from Jai about her relationship with her father that is sure to encourage you!  

12. Goodbye Guilt & Shame, Ft. Lisa Harper

39 min

This week, the ladies have a special guest join them—the one and only Lisa Harper, who shares a powerful story about how the direction of her life changed as she let God uncover the abuse from her past. Joyce also teaches us how to combat the enemy and press beyond our feelings by focusing on the God of the Bible and what His Word says about you. This is an episode you don’t want to miss—you’ll even learn how to fight back in your leather pants!

11. How About those Boundaries?

36 min

In part two of our healing journey, the ladies get the low down from Joyce about standing up to people in a godly way and the importance of setting healthy boundaries without building walls, especially not “walling out” God. Also, find out about the wounds Erin discovered, and why she is always going through drive-throughs. And hear some very wise words Jai’s husband shared with her about her past wounds.

10. Hidden Pain Uncovered

37 min

We all understand hurt, but have we been completely healed from what’s happened? In this episode, the ladies dive into a four-part series on a topic that is very dear to Joyce’s heart. Make sure you have your tissues ready as Ginger, Jai and Erin all shed some tears, and know that you’re not alone as we walk out this healing journey together!

9. Life Changes

37 min

We are kicking off season 2 with the big, sometimes scary topic of…change! We all experience change in different ways, but one thing is for sure—it’s inevitable. Sometimes it’s welcomed...and sometimes we want to run like crazy to get away from it! Check out this week’s episode to hear why change is so much harder in a jumpsuit, why Ginger breaks out in song, and what Joyce believes is the first thing we should do when change is coming and we aren’t happy about it!

8. Getting Rid of the Gossip

33 min

As the girls wrap up the first season of the Talk It Out podcast, they end it with a bang – talking about girls and our sometimes-gossipy ways. Joyce teaches us the importance of how we talk to and how we talk about each other, and the girls get some more tough love from Mama J as she sets us straight about how much our body language and tone can add to the words we say. Hear their own personal confession lists, and you don’t want to miss why Ginger talks about some “studs”!

7. The Power of Speaking God’s Word

31 min

In this episode, the girls recap their week of choosing to ditch the sarcasm and negativity, and speaking kinder, more positive words. They also have a very special friend join them to share about a terrible health battle she recently went through but how God’s Word and someone’s encouragement changed her life. And in case that’s not enough, find out what word Erin’s kids won’t stop saying.

6. What you say matters!

36 min

Today the girls start a new conversation about what most women like to do best—talk! But more importantly, the actual words coming out of our mouths. Have you ever been caught off guard by your child repeating something you often say? Have you ever been hurt by words said about you—even by a friend? Join us for a super honest discussion as Joyce teaches us how swapping our negative, natural words with the Word of God can help us overcome the biggest giants in our lives.

5. Living in Peace

30 min

The girls share how the week went replacing their bad habits with good ones—what habit(s) did you work on? (If you’re missing something, go back and listen to last week’s episode to get caught up.) They also talk about one habit we are all too familiar with—the Hurry Habit. Fortunately, Joyce teaches us the value of not rushing through life but, instead, enjoying each moment and living in peace.

4. Habits We Want to Break

32 min

The girls begin a new topic this week as they get real and talk about their habits—the good, the bad and the ugly. They talk through the importance of developing good habits instead of just focusing on the bad habits we want to stop. From biting their nails and eating all the chocolate, find out who gets some tough love from Mama J and you may even hear about one or two of Joyce’s habits she is working on!

3. Confidence vs Pride

33 min

As the girls wrap up their study on confidence, Ginger finally shares when she faced a really hard time and her confidence was shattered, but how she was able to find her worth in Christ. The girls also give Joyce a call for some real life perpective on confidence vs. pride, and boy does she break it down for us!

2. What makes you confident?

35 min

Have you ever gone through something that made you question who you were or what you were doing in life? Has your confidence or self-worth ever been rocked to the core? This week the girls dig in deep! Find out what the most painful words Erin ever heard from her husband were and how they came out stronger. And don’t miss Jai’s story about her first big girl job including a slurpy run!

1. Consider Yourself One of the Confident Girls

33 min

Joyce and the girls get together for the very first episode of the new Talk It Out podcast! You’ll hear a bit about each of them—laugh a lot—and why studying the Word of God with your girlfriends is so important. Joyce also shares her heart about being confident, even when we’re not feeling it...and find out why the fire department was called to her house. Grab your girlfriends and join us!

Introducing Joyce Meyer's Talk it Out Podcast! Coming July 16!

21 min

Joyce’s Talk It Out podcast is a fun weekly Bible study with three friends in different stages of life who take Joyce’s teaching and talk out real life application. It’s fun, heartfelt, and so applicable. So, consider yourself one of the girls and let’s talk it out together.

Coming July 16, 2019!

Meet Your Talk It Out Friends

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Ginger Stache

Hanging out with Ginger is like lighting a creative sparkler. When she brings a story to life or encourages you to dream bigger, you’ll be propelled to unleash the best in yourself and see more of God’s wonder.

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Erin Cluley

Erin runs on God’s Word and caffeine, and has equal parts love for pizza, Netflix, and the gym. She has a wild determination to know and love God.

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Yes, you know Joyce Meyer—bestselling author and world–renowned, no–nonsense teacher of God’s Word—but she’s also just Joyce, a friend who loves to laugh and chat with the girls.