Rescuing Beza

Find out Hand of Hope partnered to rescue women and girls from sex trafficking in East Africa.

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Rescuing Beza

Hand of Hope

As a little girl, Beza had a great life, filled with love and laughter. The youngest of six, she lived with her parents and siblings in the rural part of East Africa. But before long, everything changed...

Without warning, Beza’s father passed away. Then, seemingly overnight, her siblings each married and moved out of the home, forcing Beza to quit school and take care of her mother.

At just 15, things only got worse when Beza was given in marriage to a young man. They moved into his mother’s home and immediately started a family.

However, Beza was abused by his relatives and soon fled with her son. They returned to her family home—a place of safety—but she was now faced with providing for her child and sick mother.

Beza had a solution…

She spoke with a childhood friend who told her about the opportunities available in the city—a way to make a living and support her family.

Anxious to get started, Beza packed her things and moved to the city, where a job broker found her employment at a hotel. It was just as easy as her friend had said.

But there was something Beza didn’t know: She wasn’t an employee, she was a slave.

Held captive by the hotel manager, Beza was forced to serve drinks and provide sexual favors for the guests. There was no way out. She could never leave the hotel, and all the money she made went right back to the manager. Beza had to face the worst—she may never see her family again.

When all hope was lost…

For eight months, she lived under constant surveillance and was used again and again by men. Physically and emotionally spent, she searched for any possible way to get free.

Then, one day, Beza took a chance and shared her experience with a kind woman she met, begging for help. The woman happened to know of a rescue home nearby and promised to do all she could.

Because of your support, staff members from the Hand of Hope-supportedrescue home in East Africa helped Beza to escape from the hotel and get the help she needed.

At the home, Beza received the love, support and counseling she needed to recover from her traumatic experience. She also learned how to sew, a skill that will enable her to provide for her family.

You are the hero in their story…

Thanks to you, Beza is one of so many women and girls you have rescued from a life of trafficking and forced prostitution in East Africa.

This home, made possible through our partnership with Crisis Aid International, provides them with a safe haven where they can properly recover, receive counseling and job training, and learn all about God’s love and His good plan for their future.

“First and foremost, I am very grateful to God and the staff at the safe home for being really kind, caring and understanding,” Beza said. “Thank you for rescuing me from that terrible life. I am so thankful for all you’ve done for me. God bless you!” Learn how you can help more girls like Beza.


Updated: October 2022