Quenching Their Thirst with Fresh Water

Hand of Hope is Bringing Clean Water to Remote Communities

Hand of Hope – Apr 10, 2024

Unclean drinking water is one of the main causes of illness for people living in impoverished nations. Every single day, millions of children and families lack this basic necessity, often walking for miles to retrieve contaminated water that makes them sick.

Hand of Hope desperately wants to bring relief to as many people as we can. That’s why, through the generous support of our partners, we have installed more than 2,400 freshwater wells to date in more than 40 countries!

In many locations, we also build an adjacent church, where we share the Living Water of the Gospel. As people come to receive water from the well, they stay for the church service, and their lives are forever changed.

In addition to digging wells, we also join with other organizations to provide water tanks and water filtration systems in schools, at our feeding centers, and other locations worldwide.

There’s a look we see on people’s faces when we tell them we’re going to dig a new water well—providing clean water for their entire community. It’s a look of joy, surprise, relief, and overwhelming gratitude.

Thanks to your support, we see this look a lot. Thank you for everything you do to make these life-changing outreaches possible!