Overflowing with Hope

Project GRL is Providing Clean Water (and New Lives) for Women and Girls

Hand of Hope

Unclean drinking water is one of the main causes of illness for people living in impoverished nations. Every single day, millions of people lack this basic necessity, often walking for miles to retrieve contaminated water that makes them sick.

Women and girls share the brunt of these responsibilities. The long walks with heavy containers is physically grueling and wears down their bodies. But these daily journeys also put so many young girls at risk as they walk remote pathways all alone.

And with so much time devoted to retrieving water, it leaves little or no time for girls to attend school or even play like normal children.

Through our Project GRL initiative, we are helping to change the quality of life for women and girls everywhere. Through your incredible support, we are providing clean water options in places around the world…like this remote community…

Today, in one small village in Swaziland, things are drastically different than they used to be. Not long ago, a very basic need was the focal point of their entire day—gathering water.

During the rainy season, the women and children accessed their water at a nearby dam. However, they shared this water source with the livestock in the community and constantly risked sickness due to bacteria and contamination.

During the dry season, their options were even worse. They walked an additional 12 miles each way to reach the Ngwavuma River. The journey was exhausting, and carrying the heavy pots punished their bodies. The long walks also left time for little else—certainly not school.

Recently, this small community was given some really good news—that Joyce Meyer Ministries, Hand of Hope, in conjunction with a local organization, was about to provide them with a brand-new water well.

“This water well has now changed the way of life for our community members,” local pastor Goodman Mamba told us. “We now have access to fresh, clean water all year round. We are very happy and blessed. It brings so much joy to my heart, and I have no words. Thank you so much—may God bless you always.”

Thanks to you, we are providing women and girls with one of the greatest gifts we can ever give—fresh, clean water. It is not only improving their health, but it is giving them their lives back.

This well in Swaziland is just one of over 2,300 that have been dug worldwide. Partners, thank you for your incredible generosity that makes every one of these water wells possible!