Healing the Soul of a Woman

It’s Time for Refreshing!

You know by now that the journey to healing is amazing, rewarding, and also challenging. It requires diligence, pressing on each day to take hold of the restoration God wants to do in your soul. So today, it’s time for a praise and celebration break!

  • How does it feel to know without a doubt that God loves you unconditionally and His grace is greater than your sin? Praise God for His goodness and thank Him for His unfailing love for you.
  • What is it like to experience freedom from bitterness, resentment and unforgiveness? You may still be walking it all out, and that’s okay, but thank God for what He’s working in your soul so far, and for His promise to complete the good work He’s begun in you!
  • Have you gotten the “monkey of self-pity” off your back? If so, HALLELUJAH! If you’re still working on it, declare by faith that you receive God’s love and you walk in love with everyone you meet.

Whether you feel it or see the fruit of it yet, the truth is God is changing you as you take steps of faith, doing your best to obey His Word and trust Him. Focus on who He is – His greatness – and refuse to pressure yourself to change your heart. Your part is all about making right choices and trusting that God will give you grace to do what you need to do.

You’ll be amazed by all the things you have to be thankful for if you will stop and pay attention to all God has done for you.Joyce Meyer

Take some time to worship the Lord and read Psalm 100 aloud. Rejoice, sister in Christ! God is on your side!