Food Water and the Love of Christ in Niger

Food, Water and the Love of Christ in Niger

- by Hand of Hope
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Food Water and the Love of Christ In Niger

Traveling throughout Niger, Africa has been both a surprise and a blessing. While over 90% of the people of Niger are Muslim, they are very open to the Gospel. We met so many pastors and missionaries who are doing such great work there. Their love for God and for the people of Niger was evident as they shared with us about their outreach efforts. In partnership with The Link in Niger, linkniger.com, we are able to provide much needed relief to the people of this nation. 

In a region that is mostly dry and barren desert, we had the opportunity to visit a site in Saga Gorou where a fresh water well was dug to provide clean drinking water to people in the local community. Two more wells are in the process of being dug with plans to dig 12 more this year. 

Niger is an extremely impoverished country and continues to deal with extreme famine issues. Hand of Hope is doing all we can to help alleviate hunger in the region. We have committed to support a feeding center, providing nutritious meals to 850 poor and hungry children in a daycare program every day as well as providing medical care where we can. The children in this program are from very poor Muslim families, but they are being taught about Jesus and already so full of His love. 

Thank you to our partners and friends for making it possible for us to extend a hand of hope to places in the world where people are in such tremendous need. Together we are demonstrating the love of Christ in a very practical way by providing the very basics – food and water.


Hand of Hope