Feeding Their Dreams

Project GRL is Providing Women and Girls Nutritious Meals and a Bright Future

In far too many places around the world, girls are considered second-class citizens and unworthy of basic human rights—even such necessities like food and water. When money is scarce and difficult choices have to be made, boys are often the first choice to receive things like food and education. But through Project GRL, we are committed to making a difference.

Each year, we are providing millions of nutritious meals to women and girls in 25 nations—at schools, inner-city food pantries, and through more than 630 feeding centers worldwide. And in most locations, they also learn all about Jesus, many for the very first time, and receive the message that God loves them tremendously.

Young Nang See attends our feeding center in Laos. She used to have stomach problems and headaches from going hungry. But since attending our program, she is healthy and once again thriving in school. She also learned about Jesus at the center, and now her entire family has come to Christ!

Most of our feeding programs also offer girls an opportunity to receive a basic education—something many families simply can’t afford. As they receive the proper nutrition, it gives them the energy and excitement to learn, grow and dream. Time and again, they tell us what they hope to be when they grow up—doctors, nurses, teachers, and police officers. For the very first time, they see a bright future!

Many our feeding centers also serve as safe havens for girls at-risk. Some have experienced the nightmare of abuse, while others are loved but forced to work due to extreme poverty. These centers become a lifeline where girls can feel safe, loved, and protected.

We are telling girls everywhere that they are special, important, and worthy of a great life. And because of your support, so many girls will have a great life. You’re giving them a chance to grow strong. And you’re giving them a chance to dream about a bright future.