Stories: Tell Them I Love Them

Tell Them I Love Them

Tell Them I Love Them

- by Hand of Hope
Tell Them I Love Them Eight years ago, Tanya Stoyanova’s life drastically changed while meeting with doctors in Sofia, Bulgaria. “You have cancer,” they told her.

Although in utter disbelief, Tanya says God gave her remarkable peace as she listened to the diagnosis and prepared for her upcoming surgery. As she entered the hospital, a group of friends blessed her with a care package of items she would need, including a small book titled Tell Them I Love Them by Joyce Meyer.

“Through this book God taught me that I’m completely in His hands. I learned to trust Him. I understood how strong God’s Word is, how much God really loves me and how precious I am in His eyes.”

Tanya took the book with her into the pre-op room and read all the way up until the surgery began. As soon as she was out of surgery, she began passing the book around to other ladies in the hospital.

“The book was passed from person to person, hand to hand. And God’s perfect love was healing their hearts. Everyone was turning to God. It was something incredible.”

A Message of Love Is Impacting Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, and many countries around the world, Christian books like Tell Them I Love Them are hard to find, if they are available at all. In many areas, you can’t just go to the bookstore and pick up a Christian book. That’s why, through the support of our friends and partners, we work to translate and distribute as many of Joyce’s books as possible.

This particular book just happens to be Joyce’s first published book, and it was also the first book distributed in Bulgarian. Even though the book is small, its simple, yet profound message of God’s love has been reaching people all around for years.

“I believe that what people need more than anything is a revelation of God’s love for them personally,” Joyce shares in the first line of the book’s introduction. That revelation was exactly what Tanya received during one of the most trying times of her life…and it’s what enabled her to spread that message to others.

Christian Books in High Demand

Meloni Adams, who’s lived in Bulgaria since 1998, has been overseeing the translation of Joyce’s books into Bulgarian and says that most books are distributed quickly because of the desperate need.

“I think that it’s very hard for people to understand how much it means unless they have to really search out materials. There are a few books here, but it’s so limited. And some of those books may have been here for 100 years and have already been read. Most people don’t have the money to go and purchase more books, so they really value the materials they have to read in such a deeper way.”

Millions of Books Distributed Around the World

Since 1993, Joyce Meyer Ministries has been working to provide books around the world. Today, Hand of Hope, our world missions outreach, has translated 86 of Joyce’s books into 123 different languages. More than 28 million have been distributed free of charge around the world in developing and third world countries.

“Joyce’s materials cover a wide array of subjects. They’re practical. They talk about God’s love and the battles and struggles we face and how to deal with those, how to change our thinking processes, and Christian character. They are practical issues for the everyday Christian life,” shares Meloni.

And that’s how we believe God is using Joyce’s books to reach out to people like Tanya and so many more around the world.

Thank You for Providing Books

When you partner with Joyce Meyer Ministries, your support is allowing these books to go into the homes of people all around the world, and more importantly, reach their hearts. Thank you so much for joining with us to share the practical, life-changing message of Jesus Christ through books.
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