Meeting a Community's Special Needs

Meeting a Community's Special Needs

- by Rachael Athearn 2 MIN READ

At Joyce Meyer Ministries, Hand of Hope, we are always on the lookout for opportunities to reach out to those who are overlooked or underserved.

So, when God opened the door for us to help give children who have special needs the chance to experience some fun, meaningful Easter activities, we knew we had to be a part!

Earlier this year, through a partnership with True Life Church in Newark, Delaware, we were able to help provide children in the community with a variety of Easter egg hunts…all tailored to their unique needs.

And in addition to the 8,000 Easter eggs that were distributed through this outreach, your giving enabled us to help provide 400 meals and give away 300 of Joyce’s Battlefield of the Mind books.

Beeping Eggs

Wendy Felts was there with her 4-year-old grandson Jeremiah, who is blind. All the eggs in his area were outfitted with a beeping mechanism so that the children could find them.

She says these types of activities are hard to find in the area.

“We try and do things with him to allow him to be typical like other children. And I was really attracted to the fact that (you) actually (had) a different area for the visually impaired children…(with) the beeping Easter eggs,” she says.

“(Jeremiah) absolutely loved it. It was just a beautiful day, and the kids had a really good time and were able to just be kids.”

We love how God can use something as small as an Easter egg hunt to make such a big impact in a family’s life!

Through such a simple yet meaningful event, you helped us take the Gospel to families who sometimes feel isolated and connected them with churches that truly care for their needs.

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