Bringing Hope to Thousands in Tulsa

Thousands of people lined up outside the baseball field, excited for what was about to happen.

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Bringing Hope to Thousands in Tulsa
At first glance, it appeared to be a dreary, soggy day. But as you got closer to the OneOK Field in Tulsa, Oklahoma, it was indisputable that something special was about to take place. Thousands of people lined up outside the baseball field, excited for what was about to happen. 

Hand of Hope and several other churches and organizations partnered with GUTS Church for their Friday Groceries with Joyce event. In a city where so many in the community are struggling, this day was designed to meet practical needs, and most importantly, share the hope found in Christ. 

Every person who came through the gates of the stadium received a hot lunch, free groceries to last their family for a week, and the opportunity to get free haircuts, medical and dental screenings, diapers, kids shoes, and legal advice. 1,000 bikes were also given away to some very excited kids. 

Donna Mobley, who lives on a fixed income, has 7 grandchildren, 3 of whom live with her. She arrived at 9:30 pm the night before to assure she would get bikes for her grandkids, despite the storms that moved through the night while she waited. Donna said this event was one of the coolest things she’s ever seen take place in the community, primarily because an event like this “gives the children hope.” 

Before the giveaway began, Joyce shared a message of hope to the attendees, encouraging them to keep going and expect something good to happen to them and through them each day. 

Partners, you are the reason events like this can happen. You are why these families had food this week, and why kids who would have never had a new bike, road home on their new wheels with a huge smile that day. Thank you for sharing hope. 


Updated: March 2023