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Living a life with Christ is a lifelong journey. In His Word, the Bible, God gave us the perfect manual to get to know Him and learn to navigate this life He has given us. And no matter where you are in your walk with Jesus, we want to help you. Take a look at the free resources we have for you and jump in wherever you are.

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It’s the fundamental question of being a Christian. It’s also the first step of many exciting steps on the road to understanding what it looks like to have a relationship with Him and how to apply it to your everyday life.

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Next, let’s talk about the basics.
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Start with a Good Foundation

You’ve made the decision to follow Jesus and we’re very excited for you! Now is the perfect time to establish a strong foundation. Building Your New Life with Christ is a great way to get started with the basics through free weekly emails.

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The 3030 Challenge is a challenge to study the Bible for 30 minutes a day for 30 days. Give God 30 days and see what happens.

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Your life with Christ is a journey and we want to encourage you in it. When you sign up for Everyday Study, we will send you a weekly email with videos, weekly scriptures, tips from Joyce, helpful articles and a whole lot more.

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Below you’ll find a variety of studies and downloads to help you grow. Be sure to check back periodically because we switch out studies for new content on a regular basis.

Healing the Soul of a Woman Study

Healing the Soul of a Woman Study

In this 30-part journey with Joyce, you’ll gain the wisdom and courage to confront any hurts from your past and let the healing begin.

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31 Days in Proverbs

Healthy Communication

Ever feel like your message gets lost on someone? If you’re wanting to understand and be understood more by the people around you, God wants to give you the tools you need to listen and express yourself well in each situation. In this ten-day devotional, Joyce shares powerful principles and everyday examples that will help you communicate in a loving, effective way.

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Answers to Anxiety

Answers to Anxiety

In this 11-day study, Joyce offers practical tips to overcoming your anxiety—one thought, one worry, one step at a time.

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14 Days of Less Stress

Keys to a Stronger Marriage

What’s the secret to having a great marriage? In this 10-day study, Joyce shares biblical principles and lessons from her more than 50 years of marriage to help you cultivate a greater relationship than you ever thought possible.

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How To Love Difficult People...

How To Love difficult People

Tired of dealing with conflict? don’t lose hope! In this 10-day study, Joyce shares practical tips and biblical truths to help you truly love the people in your life.

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How to Study the Bible

How to Study the Bible

Want to study the Bible but don’t know where to begin? Joyce’s easy-to-understand 14-day study will help you get started and develop a daily hunger for God’s Word. Sign up today!

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Battlefield of the Mind Study

Daily Devotions From Psalms

In this five-day study, Joyce shares lessons from the book of Psalms to help you find rest in God’s presence, restoration for your heart, and peace in His loving protection.

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What Does the Bible Say About the Holy Spirit?

What Does the Bible Say About the Holy Spirit?

A stronger understanding of who the Holy Spirit is and how His role in our lives can change everything. To help, we have compiled a list of scriptures about the Holy Spirit for you to dig into and study, and it is available for free in this PDF download!

40 Things The Word of God Does for You - Free Download 

40 Things the Word of God Does for You

Studying the Word of God can have a huge impact on our lives. Joyce put together a list of 40 of her favorite things that the Bible does for you, and it is available for free in this PDF download!