How Do I Get Started?

You’ve made the decision to follow Christ and we’re very excited for you. We know God has an incredible plan for your life and with any new thing, there are some basics that will help you establish a strong foundation. You’ll have questions and that’s normal! We’ll do our best to help you along the way…


Each week we’ll send you an email to help you build a strong foundation in your new life with Christ.

Scripture Verses

The Bible is the road map for our lives as believers. We have some verses that will help guide you on this new journey.

Tips from Joyce

Joyce shares some helpful tips from her 40 plus years of helping others develop in their relationship with God.

The Basics

From getting a new Bible to understanding things like baptism and righteousness, we want to help you understand some of the basics of the Christian faith.

Helpful Tools

Not sure where to go from here? We’ll send links to additional resources that will help you take that next step in areas you want to grow!

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