Extending Hope through Healing

Hand of Hope Treats Underserved People through Medical and Dental Missions

Hand of Hope

What if you were in constant pain but couldn’t see a doctor? What if you had an infection but no access to antibiotics or even basic pain medication? Or what if your life could be saved by preventative care or a simple procedure…but you just couldn’t afford it?

Questions like these prompted Joyce to launch Hand of Hope’s medical and dental missions outreaches. And thanks to your support, to date, we’ve had the opportunity to provide treatment for more than 3.4 million patients in 40 countries, and we have openly shared the Gospel with nearly every single one.

Nothing speaks louder than treating someone’s wounds, relieving their pain, or making sure their children are safe and healthy. That’s why we are bringing critical support in so many ways—through our hospitals, pediatric clinic, mobile medical vans, outreaches to those with leprosy, and numerous short-term medical and dental clinics.

Hospital in Cambodia

Since 2009, our hospital located in Pursat, Cambodia has brought lifesaving care to nearly a half million people. In a nation with one of the world’s least developed healthcare systems, our state-of-the-art facilities offer general medical services, dental care, lab tests, OB/GYN services, minor surgeries, cardiology and pulmonary services, and a pharmacy. We also share Christ’s love and pray for every patient who comes through the doors.

AIDS Clinic in India

This specialized clinic is equipped to treat the unique medical needs of children with HIV/AIDS. In partnership with our adjacent AIDS orphanage, we are providing these precious kids with a safe home and a wonderful education, letting the know that God loves and cares for them.

Pediatric Clinic in East Africa

Today, more than half of the population in the Tigray region of East Africa is struggling with high levels of food shortages resulting in malnutrition and starvation.1 However, through the support of our partners, we are working to address these critical needs.

Our Pediatric Specialty Clinic in Yirgachefe—founded alongside Crisis Aid International,—is reaching malnourished children and serving families in the midst of the hunger crisis. To date, over 230,000 patients have been treated.

Medical/Dental Clinic in El Salvador

In partnership with Abigail Association, Hand of Hope operates a medical/dental clinic in San Jose Villanueva, El Salvador. The facility has four fully-furnished exam rooms, two fully-equipped dental chairs, and a pharmacy. Since its opening in 2017, we have provided care for over 40,000 patients, sharing Joyce’s books and the Gospel message with so many.

Mobile Medical Vans in India

Millions in India literally have no access to medical care, and they couldn’t afford it if they did. So, we’re bringing free medical care to them. Our mobile medical vans venture into some of the poorest areas around Hyderabad, India—areas with incredibly limited access to doctors and medicines. One neighborhood at a time, our team of medical professionals have used these vans—outfitted with a lab, x-rays, and a pharmacy—to treat over 600,000 patients to date!

Project GRL Vans in India

Through our Project GRL initiative, our goal is to guide, restore and love woman and girls who have been mistreated, broken or abused…and let them know they are loved and cherished daughters of God.

Our Project GRL vans are a vital part of this initiative. So many women are trapped in a lifestyle of forced prostitution and have no access to medical care or other resources. Our vans consistently show up in the red-light districts to provide help, care, intervention, and counseling.

Caring for Those with Leprosy

In partnership with Embrace a Village, we are providing much-needed food and medical care to thousands of residents in leprosy colonies. We supply bandages and educate patients on how they can keep their wounds clean at home in between visits.

One of their greatest concerns are the painful sores that often develop on their feet. In response to this need, we provide custom-made shoes to help prevent trauma and infection. To date, we have provided medical care to over 40,000 patients and provided over 10,000 pairs of shoes.

HaTikva Dental Clinic in Israel

In partnership with The HaTikva Project, Hand of Hope provides subsidized, high quality dental care to the needy. These are the first and only Messianic non-profit dental clinics in Israel! The clinic is staffed by local, Israeli believers who are dedicated to sharing the love of Christ in action.

Short-Term Medical & Dental Trips

Each year, we hold short-term medical/dental clinics in some of the most poor and remote areas around the world. Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals travel from around the nation to volunteer for these special events that provide free medical treatment, tooth extractions, mammograms, eye exams, medicines and other vital services for those who couldn’t afford it on their own. Our teams also have an opportunity to pray with nearly every patient who attends. To date, we have facilitated over 140 short-term outreaches in 40 countries, treating over 377,000 patients.

Through these and other vital medical outreaches worldwide, we’ve had the privilege of seeing families restored, lives transformed, souls healed, and more than 12,000 people come to Christ.