Sharing Hope in Hard Places

Providing Critical Support to Families in the Inner City

Hand of Hope

So many people live in poverty on a daily basis. They struggle to make ends meet, feed their families, and provide a better life for themselves. Our goal is to meet people in their time of need and give them a hand up out of their situation.

Through the St. Louis Dream Center—a church and outreach facility founded in 2,000 and dedicated to restoring hope in one inner-city community of St. Louis, Missouri—we are reaching out with God’s love and making a true difference for families in need.

Through the Dream Center, we provide meals to the hungry, offer clothes and vital necessities to the homeless, and mentor thousands of children through after-school programs—raising up godly leaders for the next generation.

The Genesis Men’s Home is just one of the Dream Center outreaches making a lasting impact on the community. This faith-based residential program brings critical help and counseling for men broken by addiction and destructive lifestyles. In the past 20 years, it has become a beacon of hope and an example of the miracles God can do, despite our circumstances.

Hand of Hope has also joined with the Los Angeles Dream Center in California to multiply our efforts and help as many people as we can. Through their food pantry, homeless outreaches, women’s home for those recovering from abuse and addiction, a shelter for U.S. veterans, and so many other wonderful outreaches, we are sharing God’s love with this L.A. community, one person, one family at a time.

We have also joined efforts with other relief organizations to reach out to the homeless, prostitutes, disadvantaged youth, and the impoverished in nations like Australia, Germany, and Russia.

Through your support, every single day we are watching what the love of Christ and the power of hope can do for families everywhere. Thank you!