Project GRL: Guiding, Restoring, and Loving Girls At-Risk

Hand of Hope is Helping Women and Girls Discover Their Value in Christ

Hand of Hope

So many women and girls are told they aren’t worthy of love or even basic human rights like dignity, respect, and life. This is at the heart of why Joyce launched Project GRL.

“Far too many girls simply have no idea of their value, and it breaks my heart,” Joyce said. “Project GRL is an initiative to Guide, Restore and Love those who need an understanding of God’s unfailing love. It exists for every girl who has been mistreated, marginalized or feels hopeless.”

Through the support of our partners, Project GRL is reaching women and girls all around the world by providing:

God’s Word

We share the truth of God’s Word, ensuring women and girls that they are beloved daughters of the King and have tremendous worth and value.

Anti-Human Trafficking

We support numerous organizations and initiatives which rescue, educate, and restore women and girls who are impacted by human trafficking.

Safe Environments

We provide loving homes for girls who are orphans or unwanted by their families or villages.

Feeding Programs

Some parents must choose which child to feed because there isn’t enough to go around. Through our hundreds of feeding programs worldwide, we provide nutritious meals for girls who would otherwise go hungry.

Clean Water

Girls around the world spend hours walking to retrieve filthy water, which not only makes them sick but also prevents them from attending classes. By digging freshwater wells and installing water filters, we are providing clean water that is improving the quality of life for thousands.


We provide valuable education and life skills training for girls who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend school due to cultural or financial barriers.

Through your incredible support, we are rescuing and protecting women and girls around the world. We are providing them with an education and life skills, and we’re helping them discover their God-given value and unlimited potential.

You’re showing them the wonderful difference that God can make in their lives. You’re teaching them that it’s good to be a girl.