Finally Free: One Woman’s Path to Promise

Kokebe’s past was scary and painful. Learn how Joyce Meyer Ministries’ partners helped her believe God for a better future.

Hand of Hope
Finally Free One Woman's Path to Promise

Kokebe became an orphan when she was five years old. Her older sister was sent away, but little Kokebe was given to a family in their rural Ethiopian village where she would work as a servant, performing tasks that far exceeded her abilities.

Two years later, her sister found Kokebe and took her back. But her sister's husband did not want her, and he would beat her, so Kokebe ran away to live on the streets.

She mingled with other street children who would numb themselves with drugs and alcohol, which they urged her to try. "I didn't know what I was doing, and I got addicted," Kokebe said. "I started begging for money. I just wanted to die."

From Bad to Horribly Worse

Kokebe dropped out of school and found work as a waitress-in-training at a hotel. There, she saw several young women coming and going with beautiful things and money to spend. When the older girls repeatedly stopped her in the hallway and pressed her to join them...Kokebe finally agreed, not really understanding what would happen next.

"It was scary and painful," Kokebe said about being sexually violated and exploited for the first time. "I became very sick...I felt like I was of no value."

Suffocated by feelings of hopelessness, she continued in this lifestyle and became pregnant with a baby girl—the one joy of her life. Her decision to keep her baby caused her to lose her job at the hotel.

Kokebe found a new job but eventually became ill and could no longer pay rent or earn enough to feed her and her baby. She felt like giving up and contemplated suicide. But her great love for her baby kept her going until everything changed.

A New Home and a New Future

Kokebe heard about a safe haven for women supported by Hand of Hope. "I heard they would accept [me] and help me and my child get out of this dirty life." I joined this refuge home and immediately my baby and I began to feel joy.

"My child and I were provided with everything; food, clothes and shelter. I have received training in sewing. Now, I am working in a private garment company as an apprentice."

Safe havens like the one that helped Kokebe are only possible because of your partnership. It's because of your heart to share Christ and love people that Kokebe and so many other hurting women have a brand-new life in Christ!

Kokebe's dream is to start her own sewing business with the skills she has learned. She is very thankful for all that the partners of Joyce Meyer Ministries have done for her and her baby girl.

The refuge home team also thanks you for your continuing support. In their words, "If you were not there for them, they would have no dream, no hope and no future. GOD BLESS YOU!"