Delivering Hot Meals On 18 Wheels

A hot meal can feel like a hug. Learn how Joyce Meyer Ministries partners are delivering them to disaster zones.

Hand of Hope
Delivering Hot Meals on 18 Wheels

A hot meal makes you feel comforted. And that's the goal of Mercy Chefs, a ministry that delivers hot, homemade meals to people living in disaster zones, where food is suddenly scarce and often impossible to prepare. Thousands of people who've lost their homes and have no roof, no running water or electricity, are in desperate need of a place to sleep and something to eat.

When disasters like this happen, Mercy Chefs' mobile kitchen rolls into the hardest hit areas, distributing thousands of hot meals each day. Now because of your support, many more storm victims will receive the same comfort in the years ahead...because together we've provided Mercy Chefs with the funds needed to build another mobile kitchen.

Hand of Hope CEO David L. Meyer shared the good news with Mercy Chefs founder and president Gary LeBlanc in person after Hurricane Laura decimated southern coastal communities like Lake Charles, Louisiana, in 2020.

It was an offer Chef Gary never saw coming.

"I could cry" LeBlanc said. "We'd be able to help more people. We'd be able to get to them faster. We'd be able to sustain ourselves in the field a lot longer, and we'd be able to touch an incredible amount of people with the love of Jesus."

"What you guys do is absolutely incredible," Meyer said with a smile. "We feed kids all over the world...and there's no more vulnerable situation than a disaster."

Because of your desire to share Christ and love people, what might have taken years of fundraising to accomplish, happened in a single moment.

We're so grateful to be able to provide disaster aid during storms like Hurricane Laura.

"Every time we go, it's heartbreaking. It's overwhelming. It's so difficult to see" said Ginger Stache, chief creative officer of Joyce Meyer Ministries. "But when we combine our efforts, we can make a huge difference."

Thank you for joining us in believing that with God, all things are possible!