You Are Forgiven

Joyce Meyer – Mar 09, 2024
Open Bible ready for reading a daily devotional with a cloudy blue sky in the background.

Adapted from Wake Up to the Word

To the Lord our God belong mercy and loving-kindness and forgiveness….

There are many instances in the Old Testament of God’s anger when His people, the Israelites, would complain, disobey, and worship idols and false gods. But the amazing thing is how quickly God completely forgave them—He restored all of His benefits to them as soon as they turned back to Him.

Perhaps today you feel that God is angry with you. He is not! God is ready and willing to forgive your sins. He understands your weaknesses. He knows that we all, at times, succumb to temptations and wrong behavior, but He is a compassionate, loving Father who has provided for our forgiveness in Christ. All we need to do is ask and receive!

The very fact that we cannot do everything right is why God sent Jesus to pay the price for our redemption. God is not angry with you. Choose to accept and walk in His forgiveness today!

Prayer of the Day: Lord, thank you for forgiving me and help me accept and walk in Your forgiveness today.