What’s the secret to living “happily ever after”?

A good marriage isn’t going to just happen; it requires some give and take…and a willingness to let God direct you all along the way. In this 10-day study, Joyce shares biblical principles and lessons from her and Dave’s more than 54 years of marriage to help you cultivate a greater relationship than you ever thought possible.

Anything worth having is going to take prayer, sacrifice, time and commitment. But with God’s help, you can slowly but surely build a strong, joy-filled relationship that lasts a lifetime!

Through this 10-day Bible study, you will receive:


You will receive a daily email to encourage you and get you started on another step toward a stronger marriage.


Each day, Joyce shares a scripture that you can meditate on and discuss with your spouse.


You will receive videos from Joyce, filled with practical tips and principles from God’s Word, to help your marriage thrive.


Each day’s study concludes with a prayer to help you invite God into every aspect of your relationship and keep your focus on Him.


Not sure where to go from here? We’ve included links to additional resources in each devotional, so that you can take that next step in areas you want to grow!

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