Anger Management - Digital Audio Teaching


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Learn how to face your emotions head-on, with God's help.
  • Format: Digital Audio
  • Includes: 2 Audio Teachings

  • PublishDate: 11/01/2015 00:00:00
  • Publisher: Joyce Meyer Ministries
  • Format: Digital Audio
  • Language: English
  • AudioRunTime: 2 Hours, 6 Minutes
  • Includes: 2 Audio Teachings
  • Author: Joyce Meyer

We all deal with anger from time to time. And though feeling angry isn’t a sin, it’s important to recognize where it’s coming from and put a stop to it before it gets out of control. In this two-part audio teaching, Joyce shares how—with God’s help and a willingness to face your emotions head-on—you can experience a breakthrough in this area of your life!

You will learn…

  • How to identify the root of your anger
  • Healthy ways to deal with frustration
  • How to overcome past hurts and have healthy relationships

Whether you’ve been hurt in the past or are struggling to keep the peace in your relationships, freedom is possible through Christ! You can get to the bottom of your angry feelings and enjoy His everlasting peace!

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