Thank You: Cuba Thanks You and Harborside Ministries Team

Thank You! Cuba Thanks You, & Harborside Missions Team Thanks You!

- by Hand of Hope
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Thank You: Cuba Thanks You and Harborside Missions Team Thanks You Kathleen from Clearwater, Florida, was overjoyed to go to Cuba with Haborside Missions Team. During her trip the team visited Cuba Connection Ministry that works to connect churches abroad with churches in Cuba.

While there, Kathleen facilitated her first Bible study and the missions team was also able to give out gift bags, which included books donated by Hand of Hope. She shares how delighted the women were when they opened their bags and discovered that Joyce’s book, The Joy of Believing Prayer, was inside.

“They pulled out the books donated by you, the squeals were overwhelming! They were jumping up and down and hugging each other!”

It’s a great testimony to what translated books mean to people all around the world. Each woman also shared their testimony of how studying Battlefield of the Mind had impacted each of their lives.

“You have to know, you have already had an impact in Cuba.”

Yodalis Santiago, one of the leaders of Cuba Connection Ministry asked Kathleen if she could send us her letter. Yodalis had tried sending it to us before, but her previous letters never made it out of Cuba. Kathleen promised to deliver it to us. And we’d like to share it with you now.

Hello Joyce Meyer:
I am Yodalis Santiago from Cuba and I am writing to you to share that we are so blessed by the books Kathleen gave us during her missions trip to our country this year.

In Cuba we do not have Christian literature. About 8 years ago we started receiving Joyce’s books from friends who came as missionaries.

I feel honored that God gave me the opportunity to have a library of Christian literature. I open the library three times during the week because many people here like to read Christian books. Christians and non-Christians are coming, and many ask if we have your books.

In our women’s Bible study group, the first book of yours that we read was The Battlefield of the Mind. Personally, I confess that this book was wonderful and many people changed their way of thinking because of it.

I have told you this so that you have some idea of the blessing that your books are having in my community.

God bless you, your family and ministry.

Yodalis Santiago

Hand of Hope