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Hygiene Products Open Education for GIrls

Hygiene Products Open Education to Girls

- by Shelly Meyer

Recently, I was in Uganda, and I met some teenage girls who wanted to go to school so badly...but something very simple was holding them back.

In many countries in Asia and Africa, when girls hit puberty, they can’t afford to buy feminine hygiene products. That means they can’t go to school for four or five days out of the month, so they just get further and further behind in their studies…and eventually they have to drop out.

The girls I met were so determined to go to school and get an education that they had actually given themselves to men in exchange for hygiene products. I can’t imagine…

We had to find a way to help them. Because of your support, the girls are now in programs that provide those products, as well as provide training and teach discipline.

Now they have the freedom to go to school and focus on their education…and they’ll be able to have a much better future.

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