A Spring of Hope In the Amazon Jungle

A Spring of Hope in the Amazon Jungle

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Nestled in the Peruvian jungle, Zungaro Cocha is one of hundreds of villages you may not find on a map but populate much of the Amazon River coastline. 

Although it’s Autumn, it feels a lot like Summer, with temps in the 90s bolstered by high humidity from frequent showers. Makeshift wood and cement houses with simple metal roofs line the muddy roads of this community. 

Most families have little more than a table and a few chairs, along with a wood-burning stove and a place to sleep. Many don’t even have this. And until recently, no one had access to clean water. Dirty water from the Amazon and its tributaries regularly makes them sick, bringing parasites and other diseases into the community. 

Thanks to you, Joyce Meyer Ministries’ Hand of Hope built a church and installed a fresh-water well in Zungaro Cocha, bringing physical and spiritual help to thousands. 

Gilberto Ahuanari pastors the church. For years, they held services in a dilapidated house, not even able to keep out the rain. They prayed for an answer, and the Lord gave them Zechariah 6:15: “And those who are far off shall come and help build the Temple of the Lord.” 

“I didn’t know where it would come from,” says Pastor Ahuanari. “But its you. It’s a gift from God.” 

“Since I was a kid, I saw suffering from water,” says church member Ester Yahuarcani. People had a lot of disease…now they don’t. Now God has blessed us.” 

Over and over, the people we meet tell us, “You are the answer to our prayers.” Friends and partners, you are here in the Peruvian jungle, bringing hope and God’s love to so many along the Amazon River. 

Thank you for being a part of the answer. 


Updated: October 2022

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