God Loves You and He Will Meet Your Needs

Encouragement and Support in Challenging Times

Hand of Hope

Hi everybody! Let me just start by saying that I really genuinely love you and I’m praying for you every morning when I pray for my family, my children and grandchildren; I also include you. I’m praying for all the people that are out of work right now and praying that God will take care of you and meet your needs. I really want to encourage you not to be scared because God loves you and perfect love casts out fear. He has that perfect love for you. Of course, we know here in the United States, what we are dealing with, but I want to encourage you to remember that this is a world-wide problem. We are on television all over the world and we have many different foreign offices.

So, I just want to say to everybody, everywhere that God loves you. He really cares about you. And I know in times like this it’s hard to understand “well, if God loves me, then why is this happening?” I’m not going to tell you that I have the answer to that, all I know is that we have the privilege, and it is a privilege, of trusting God. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be facing some of these things and not to have any faith in God. It’s a privilege to pray. Pray and ask God for what you need. It may not come exactly the way you want it, but God will meet your needs. He will come through for you! Pray for God to meet your needs and even in unique and creative ways. One of the things that I highly recommend that everybody does, is in the midst of your own issues, reach out to somebody else. Especially if you are someone who is able to work, your job has not been shut-down, or if you have been able to save money over the years and you can reach out. Just help somebody who has lost their job and maybe can’t pay their rent. It really helps us, whenever we are hurting, to reach out and help somebody else because when you give, it gives you joy! Listen, I want you to have a great day. Remember that many people care about you and your needs will be met! God bless you!