Full Carts and Thankful Hearts

Discover the remarkable way Hand of Hope is reaching out to the elderly in South Florida in response to the Coronavirus.

Hand of Hope

Through our partnership with Christ Fellowship church, you are sharing the love of Christ and supplying hundreds of seniors with free groceries in Southern Florida.

The coronavirus pandemic has greatly affected the lives of so many, but it has particularly impacted seniors. Staying safe has meant they have less interaction with their friends and family, and it has forced them to take care of more things on their own.

And due to the health risks, they have to be extremely careful with things as simple as going to the grocery store. Most seniors venture out to the supermarkets early in the morning during special hours reserved just for them.

That’s why we want to be there to help lighten the load for seniors in Florida. These special days are filled with encouragement, celebration and more than a few happy tears as you bless their lives in such a unique and tangible way.

One precious woman came to the grocery store in desperation, saying to herself, If there is toilet paper for me, I will know for sure there is a God.

That day, she walked through the doors of Publix to find our team members waiting to fill her cart up with everything she needed—including food, necessities and, yes, toilet paper.

Surprised and overwhelmed, she burst into tears and thanked our team over and over again. God went out of His way to show how much He loved her, and He used you to do it.

We surprised another recipient at the checkout counter. Her basket was full, but she wasn’t sure if her food stamps would cover the cost. She had just used her grocery money to pay for a new car battery.

When we told her that we wanted to pay for her groceries, she began to cry because it meant she could pay for all of the food in her basket.

Maybe best of all, our team was able to share a quick message with each shopper—that God loves and cares about them.

One gentleman, upon receiving his free groceries and hearing why we did it, broke down and said it was the first time in his life that he truly knew that someone loved him. And that makes it all worth it.

So, if you ever wonder if you’re making a difference, just remember how God is using you to help these seniors. In the checkout line of a grocery store in southern Florida, you are just the miracle they need.