We Will Reap What We Sow

Joyce Meyer – Aug 16, 2023
An open Bible for daily devotional with a wall of pink and purple flowers in the background

Adapted from Daily Devotions from Psalms - by Joyce Meyer

Let all creation rejoice before the Lord, for he comes, he comes to judge the earth. He will judge the world in righteousness and the peoples in his faithfulness.

Words, thoughts, and actions are seeds we sow, and they eventually bring a harvest in our lives. God’s Word teaches us that we will reap what we have sown (Galatians 6:7). The day will come when God will judge the earth, and His judgment will be righteous. On that day, we will all have to give an account of what we have done (Romans 4:12).

Those who believe in Jesus Christ and have received Him as Savior and Lord will not be judged in terms of whether or not they will go to heaven, but they will be judged and rewarded accordingly for their works. However, those who have rejected Jesus during their lifetime will be facing a very different kind of judgment. They have spent their lives doing as they please, and on Judgment Day, they will reap the results of what they have sown.

Those who believe in Christ look forward to that day. They rejoice to see it come, but unbelievers will not rejoice. On that day, they will regret their decision to reject Jesus during their lifetime. Let us pray daily for those who have rejected Jesus, that they might be saved and spend eternity with Him.

Prayer of the Day: Father, I pray for all those who have rejected Jesus as their Savior and have walked in their own will instead of following You. I pray they will believe and receive Jesus before it is too late. Send the perfect laborer into their path to speak a timely word to them.