Season 01

Confidence, Habits and Words—oh my! Way to start off with the big stuff, right? In this first season of Joyce Meyer’s Talk It Out podcast, the girls get right to it, holding nothing back. We all want to know the depths of our self–worth, kick those bad habits to the curb and always say the right things (especially those of us who are the talkers of the group). But more importantly, we need those friends we can walk through life with and talk to about anything, especially the hard stuff. Join us as we laugh a whole lot, study God’s Word, cry together. And we are just getting started!

Episode 1

Joyce and the girls get together for the very first episode of the new Talk It Out podcast! You’ll hear a bit about each of them… Learn More

Episode 2

Have you ever gone through something that made you question who you were or what you were doing in life? Learn More

Episode 3

As the girls wrap up their study on confidence, Ginger finally shares when she faced a really hard time and her… Learn More

Episode 4

The girls begin a new topic this week as they get real and talk about their habits—the good, the bad and the ugly. Learn More

Episode 5

The girls share how the week went replacing their bad habits with good ones—what habit(s) did you work on? Learn More

Episode 6

Today the girls start a new conversation about what most women like to do best—talk! But more importantly, the actual words… Learn More

Episode 7

In this episode, the girls recap their week of choosing to ditch the sarcasm and negativity, and speaking kinder, more positive words. Learn More

Episode 8

As the girls wrap up the first season of the Talk It Out podcast, they end it with a bang – talking about girls and our sometimes-gossipy ways. Learn More

Study with us! This is what we’re talking about this season.