The Greatest Gift | Study - Joyce Meyer Ministries

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The holidays are an exciting time filled with love, good food, family and friends. And we all know that it can be busy and sometimes stressful. But why not stop for a minute and focus on what the season is really about?

In this seven-week study, you and your family can dive deeper into the true meaning of Christmas and study Scripture, explore ways to love those near and far in a greater way, and just have fun experiencing Advent together—a celebration of God’s love, joy, hope and peace.

You can start this weekly study on November 10 and end Christmas week, or you can go at your own pace. Join us and experience Christmas differently...with a renewed sense of anticipation for God’s greatest gifts!


Key Scriptures

Each week you will have a scripture that you can think about while going through your week.


Jump In…

Each week will include practical application suggestions that will help you spend time thinking about how to put God’s Word into practice in your own life.



Selected articles will provide additional insight into what the Bible has to say about each weekly topic.


Quotes from Joyce

These statements from Joyce will reinforce the principles shared each week.