Is it back again—those anxious thoughts…that sinking feeling in your gut? Whether it’s from work pressure, past trauma or struggling relationships, worry comes at the worst times and seems to want to stay. But it doesn’t have to! In this 11-day study, Joyce offers practical tips to overcoming your anxiety—one thought, one worry, one step at a time.

Through this 11-day Bible study, you will receive...

Scripture Verses

Each day, Joyce shares a scripture that you can meditate on and center your day around.


You will receive a daily email to encourage you and help you take another step toward overcoming anxiety.


Each day’s study concludes with a prayer to help you invite God into your situation and focus your mind on what matters most.


Not sure where to go from here? We’ve included links to additional resources in each devotional, so that you can take that next step in areas you want to grow!

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