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Think better. Speak better. Live better.
  • Format: Multi-Product Package
  • Includes: 1 Euroluxe Book, 1 Hardcover Book

  • Publisher: Joyce Meyer Ministries
  • Format: Multi-Product Package
  • Pages: 286, 160
  • Language: English
  • Includes: 1 Euroluxe Book, 1 Hardcover Book
  • Features: 10.5pt font, 9.5pt font
  • Author: Joyce Meyer

The Secret Power of Speaking God's Word Gift Edition

Small but mighty, this book contains scriptures that reveal the powerful promises found in God’s Word. It’s organized by topic so you can find the right scriptures quickly—and speak the truth over your circumstances and your life!

Good Thoughts, Great Life

Do thoughts of fear, dread, worry, shame, or hopelessness keep playing over and over in your mind to the point where you are just getting through your life, but you aren’t enjoying it?

In this book, Joyce Meyer shares 10 wrong mindsets that kept her stuck in her life. Mindsets that made her feel like she was going around the same mountain time and time again, always walking but never moving forward.

But thankfully, God didn’t let her stay there. He showed Joyce, through His Word, how to identify wrong mindsets, and replace them with right mindsets.

You’ll be encouraged as you see how each chapter unveils a biblical right-thinking solution and includes practical action steps for you to follow in order to discover an amazing, joy-filled life in Christ and embrace the beautiful journey of letting God’s Word renew your mind.