Knowing Who You Are in Christ - Digital Audio Teaching


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How many negative impressions do you have about yourself? Knowing who you are in Him is essential to becoming free.
  • Format: Multi-Product Package
  • Includes: 4 Audio Teachings, 1 eBook

  • PublishDate: 10/01/2002 00:00:00
  • Publisher: Joyce Meyer Ministries
  • Format: Multi-Product Package
  • Pages: 10
  • Language: English
  • AudioRunTime: 3 Hours, 36 Minutes
  • Includes: 4 Audio Teachings, 1 eBook
  • Author: Joyce Meyer

Get a solid understanding of your new identity in Christ. Whether you’re new to the Christian faith, or you’ve been a Christian for years, these four audio download messages will teach you…

  • What it means to be complete in Christ
  • That our worth and value are found only in Him
  • How to develop an unshakable confidence in Christ instead of yourself
  • How to live according to God’s Word

As you discover who you are in Christ, you will see how much God loves you and that you are rooted in Him alone—not in what you do, who you know, or how many degrees are behind your name.

If you’re having a hard time feeling accepted and loved by God or you’re feeling overwhelmed by your weaknesses and condemned by your failures, then these audio download messages will help you.

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