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Tutoring Egypts Daughters

Tutoring Egypt's Daughters

- by Rachael Athearn
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In many countries, families simply do not value education for their daughters. In fact, less than 40 percent of all nations in the world provide equal opportunities for education for boys and girls.

Instead, families may keep their girls busy cleaning and cooking, caring for their siblings or walking great distances for water.

But together through Project GRL, we are helping women and girls all over the world…one girl at a time.

In Egypt, we are working with an organization that tutors girls who aren’t allowed to study at home. The girls receive a meal during tutoring sessions and are encouraged to excel in their classes.

The results of the tutoring have been amazing! This year, when it came time for the girls’ critical ninth-grade exams, 12 out of 15 of the students scored higher than 93 percent…with three getting above a 97.

Girls in other grades also ranked at the top of their schools. On top of that, mothers are also coming to learn, as well as younger children.

The sky is now the limit for these precious daughters…as they learn they are valued and loved by the Most High God and worthy of every opportunity to succeed.

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