Touching Lives Both Young and Old in The Dominican Republic

Touching Lives, Both Young and Old in the Dominican Republic

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Touching Lives Both Young and Old in the Dominican Republic This was our second year to hold medical/dental clinics in the Dominican Republic. Both times, we have partnered with Love A Child, who did a wonderful job in organizing and hosting us!

Our clinics were set up in two locations. We served both the local Dominican population as well as Haitian refugees who work in the sugar cane fields known as the "bateyes" where they are paid approximately $1 per day.

Word of mouth had spread, and when our 34 volunteers arrived at the first clinic site, nearly 200 patients were waiting for us. Throughout the day we treated a large number of newborns. One baby was only a week old! Many of the children suffered from scabies and other various fungal infections. Thankfully, we were able to treat some very infectious and painful wounds with strong antibiotics. It is a huge blessing to these people to have free access to these medications.  

Dental needs were huge and our team worked non-stop. Many do not even own a toothbrush and will literally wait all day for a simple cleaning and a free toothbrush. It is always so humbling to see this and to be reminded of what we so often take for granted.  

We also held a clinic in La Romana, where we met a 13-year old girl and her 5-month old baby. This young girl did not have milk or diapers for her son, which we quickly provided and treated her baby for cradle cap and lice. We also connected her with the pastor of the church, which will be vital for her as she raises her child. Had we not been there, who knows what could have become of these two precious lives. Each person who visits these clinics is created in the image of God; He loves them just as much as He loves us.  

We had a lady come in to see us who was 100-years old! She came with her daughter from a neighboring town. While visiting our clinic, she heard the Gospel message and both she and her daughter gave their hearts to the Lord! It was a really precious moment. We were reminded of the reason we are here, not just for the medicine, but also for the eternal salvation of souls!

Through this five-day outreach, we were able to bring medical and dental relief to 2,560 hurting people in the Dominican Republic as well as the hope of salvation to many who were lost. From the very young, to very old, it was another great success for the kingdom of God.

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