Stories: The Life of a Hand of Hope Intern

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The Life of a Hand of Hope Intern

The Life of a Hand of Hope Intern

- by Hand of Hope
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The Life of a Hand of Hope Intern When I first came to St. Louis in 2010, I was simply a Georgia girl from a small town. The thoughts of moving so far away from home, and to the inner city no less, was a scary thought. But I was up for the challenge. I knew there was something great planted deeply inside of me; I just needed help in drawing that out. The Hand of Hope internship program at the St. Louis Dream Center has been just the place for that. Daily I have the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and trust God. Every day is an adventure and there is never a dull moment.

I've discovered inside of me skills, passions and leadership qualities that I didn't know were there. Through the world-class leaders and pastors at the Dream Center, I have personally been poured into in a way that, before coming here, I could have only imagined. With each encounter I've had with these great leaders, pieces of who God created me to be have been drawn to the surface. I've gone from feeling like a shy young girl, to a woman empowered to confidently and boldly go forth to fulfill all that God has called me to do and be.

I am no longer afraid of life or of failing, or of not contributing enough to the world. I know that I have what it takes, because it's God that gives me what I need. It's a God-confidence.

Being a part of the Hand of Hope internship program has enabled me to get hands-on experience in areas such as feeding the hungry, working in children's, youth, worship and youth sports ministry, as well as in the executive office of the Dream Center. Each service area has been a building block for the God continues to teach me along my journey.

The internship has also cultivated leadership skills in me as I have had many opportunities to step outside of myself and lead outreaches such as Street Evangelism, Adopt-A-Block and Kidzjam. My absolute favorite part is loving on the kids, and allowing them to love on me back. There's nothing that warms my heart more than pulling into one of the government housing complexes we visit, and seeing fifteen or more children running at the van shouting “Dream Center!” or “Miss Sarah!!” It is an honor that I get to be a part of something so great.  

The inner city is no joke. I have been challenged in countless ways to love the unlovely, step out in faith for protection, and simply marvel at a world that's outside the edge of my small-town-southern-girl comfort zone. I am so thankful for the Dream Center and all God has taught me through this place. I will forever be grateful for the life lessons I have learned during my tenure here. I have been equipped for nearly any area of life. Not only have I walked alongside the homeless, I've also rubbed elbows with the elite. I've dipped my toe in the wading pool of many different worlds, and that's what makes this place so unique. At the end of the day we're all people, and I've gained experience with all walks of life.   

The Hand of Hope internship has given me hope for a bright future. I have dedicated three years of my life to this place, and I do not regret one second of it. I will leave here in December knowing that I have what it takes to be a great leader and a great contributor to society. I'll also know how to “give 'em Jesus.”  

Thank you, Joyce Meyer Ministries and the St. Louis Dream Center for opening your doors for this once timid and shy girl, and allowing her to blossom into the woman that God created her to be.  

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