The Beautiful Life of a Girl With HIV

The Beautiful Life of a Girl with HIV

- by Hand of Hope
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The Beautiful Life of a Girl with HIV I first met Roja in 2008 in tiny Chandrakal, India, where we had just opened a hospital. She was a sweet, yet sad, nine-year-old girl who had recently lost both of her parents. We spent time together strolling around the hospital grounds and blowing bubbles. Because of Roja’s HIV status the villagers were afraid and no one was willing to take her in.  

Roja became the inspiration for Home of Hope, the Hand of Hope Children’s Home in Chandrakal for children who are HIV positive.

Today, Home of Hope cares for 50 children, and Roja is the vibrant 16-year-old leader of the pack. I spent time with her once again recently, and it was an absolute gift. Of course I could never forget Roja, and as we became reacquainted she told me that she vividly remembered our time together down to the spot where we first met. She is bright, inquisitive and now in college studying to be a doctor. She wants to help others the way she was helped.

Roja is a wonderful reminder to me that each time we reach out to help someone in need, we are also blessed in immeasurable ways. Our partners have provided years of provision and love to all of the children in Chandrakal and today their futures are bright. What an amazing thing to be a part of!

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