Strengthening Storm Survivors

See how you made a difference in 2019! View the Annual Report

See how you made a difference in 2019!
View the Annual Report


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Strengthening Storm Survivors

- by Hand of Hope
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The long-term struggles people deal with after a natural disaster can feel unbearable. They may be homeless, with health problems, or have young children to care for during these unstable times. So, we’re incredibly grateful for the support you provide through Hand of Hope! Your gifts have brought tangible aid and desperately needed encouragement to so many people impacted by floods, tornadoes, cyclones, hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes and other disasters all over the world.

March 2019 was a particularly critical month for disaster relief donations as several major storms occurred around the world. Here’s a brief summary of the ways your giving has brought hope to thousands of individuals and families over the last few months.

United States – Just days after a deadly EF-4 tornado struck Alabama in March, your giving touched the hearts of thousands of survivors. Through our partnerships with Convoy of Hope, Church of the Highlands and God’s Pit Crew, you provided several truckloads of supplies and on-site assistance to those who lost so much.

When floods overwhelmed Midwest communities in March, we partnered with Convoy of Hope again to distribute clean drinking water in Nebraska. More than 80,000 pounds of bottled water were provided to people impacted by the flooding!

Australia – Your donations went into action in Australia when deadly flooding occurred in North Queensland in March. Through Hand of Hope’s partnership with Global Care, you provided essential supplies, meals and compassionate on-site assistance in the weeks following this massive disaster.

Africa – Another catastrophic storm, Cyclone Idai, has left hundreds of thousands of people homeless in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe. Your disaster-relief donations are providing food, water and other essential supplies to survivors through our partnership with Iris Ministries.

Brazil – In April, major flooding impacted the city of Rio de Janeiro. In response, we partnered with Light to the Nations to serve the local community in the midst of this devastating disaster. The church is providing shelter at their church as well as serving meals to those affected.

With your help, we are able to do many “little” things with big love—and that makes such a difference for those who have dealt with such a great loss and are trying to start their lives all over again! Please continue to join us in prayer for all those impacted by these storms. If you’d like, you can help more people affected by disasters today at

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