Strengthening Gods Little Ones

Strengthening God's Little Ones

- by Hand of Hope
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Strengthening God's Little Ones

Over the last year, we have been working with Crisis Aid International to rescue and restore the health of children who are suffering from severe malnutrition in East Africa.

Though the region is known worldwide for its booming coffee-production business, this area is home to some of the poorest, most malnourished people on earth.

But our newly built, state-of-the-art Malnutrition Clinic in East Africa is designed to help change child at a time.

This facility houses 20 in-patient beds, exam rooms, a surgical area and plenty of space for continued education and rehabilitation.

Whatever It Takes

The program allows children to stay for approximately three to four weeks—or however long is necessary—to regain their health and strength.

During this time, our team of professionals uses every means possible to provide them the nutrition and medical help they require.

They are even able to perform surgeries in extreme cases where the effects of malnutrition have caused internal damage.

But it doesn’t stop here. Our goal is to see these children and their families thrive even after they leave our clinic. That’s why we provide extensive training and education about health and nutrition.

We’re happy to report that our new pediatric medical clinic is already changing lives. So far this year, our team was able to treat more than 11,329 patients!

Bringing Hope and Health

Best of all, we have the privilege of sharing the Gospel message with so many of the families. We let them know that Jesus Christ loves them tremendously, and He is the reason why we do what we do.

Thank you so much for your incredible support, which is making all of this possible.

Because of you, there is now a bright light of hope in the middle of a place where so many children are suffering from chronic malnourishment. Here, at this new medical clinic, they are experiencing God’s incredible love, grace, mercy and healing.

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