Stay Informed On Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

- by Hand of Hope
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Stay Informed On Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

Working Together to Reach Hurricane Victims

by Joyce Meyer Ministries - 1/31/13
Disasters are no respecters of people—they can happen to anyone. And when they do, we have an opportunity to reach out in so many different ways. For Hand of Hope, Joyce Meyer Ministries' World Missions, our strength comes in partnering with other vital relief agencies—each doing their own important part—to accomplish the most good.

You are also a significant part of this equation. Your heartfelt prayers and financial support are bringing lifesaving relief to those in desperate situations. You are literally helping us to reach one life, one family, one neighborhood at a time.

Providing Hope

by Mike Messner - Director of Domestic Outreach - 12/19/12
People whose lives have been changed forever by the destruction left behind by Hurricane Sandy continue the clean-up and restoration process. Thousands of people are still in need of long-term help, hope and rebuilding. The need for assistance continues to be tremendous.

Because of your generous support, Hand of Hope is able to partner with Third Day Missions in Staten Island and Christ Tabernacle in Queens to provide long-term disaster relief support for those still experiencing the lasting damages caused by this devastating storm. Through partnerships with these local organizations, Hand of Hope will work to provide long-term, lasting solutions and support to those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Atlantic City

by Joyce Meyer Ministries - 11/9/12
People like Debbie and organizations like DRADT (Disaster Relief and Disaster Training) are only beginning what seems to be an insurmountable amount of work to restore communities like Atlantic City. But there is still so much work to be done to help families affected from Hurricane Sandy. You can help us reach more families with the help they desperately need through your support of Joyce Meyer Ministries and Hand of Hope.

Life After Hurricane Sandy

by Ginger Stache - 11/9/12
72 year old Nancy secured everything she could in her Ocean City, New Jersey house and then climbed the pull-down stairs to ride out the storm in her dark, freezing attic. Three days later a local pastor found her dehydrated and emotionally spent - her home flooded with sludgy water.

The DRADT team (Disaster Relief And Disaster Training) is equipping volunteers and working with the local church to help people like Nancy. And Hand of Hope is providing for teams like DRADT and Convoy of Hope who are literal lifelines at times like this.

There is more to do. Thank you for sending us to meet physical and spiritual needs.

by Joyce Meyer Ministries -11/8/12

Right now, Hand of Hope, Joyce Meyer Ministries' World Missions, is on the ground in the Northeast United States, providing disaster relief to those affected. But we need your help.

Tonight a mixture of rain and wet snow will move into the same area Sandy crossed a little more than a week ago. Please keep those affected by Hurricane Sandy in your prayers as they brace for this winter storm.

Our Response to Hurricane Sandy

by Joyce Meyer Ministries - 11/7/12

As Christians, we have a responsibility to pull together and help those who are hurting. That’s why Hand of Hope, Joyce Meyer Ministries’ World Missions is partnering with other vital relief organizations to bring food, water and critical relief to those affected by the hurricane. You can also play a vital part…and now’s the time.

Hurricane Sandy Relief

by Joyce Meyer Ministries - 11/3/12

Thank you so much for joining with us to provide critical aid to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Your support after the storm is allowing Hand of Hope, Joyce Meyer Ministries' World Missions, to partner with Convoy of Hope, Disaster Relief (DRADT) and the New York City Dream Center to make a real difference in the Northeastern United States by providing rescue aid and services.

Distributing Supplies in Long Beach

by Joyce Meyer Ministries - 11/2/12

In Long Beach, NY, through our partnership with Convoy of Hope, over 40,000 lbs. of food, cleaning supplies and blankets have been distributed!

Continue to Pray

by Joyce Meyer Ministries - 11/2/12

As clean up continues, please keep those affected by Hurricane Sandy in your prayers. Millions have been left without power, homes have flooded or burned, and families have lost loved ones.

Please Join Us in Prayer

by Joyce Meyer Ministries - 10/29/12

Please join us in praying for those who have recently suffered devastation from Hurricane Sandy. As the Eastern United States prepares to encounter this storm pray for the safety of those impacted and for the families who have already lost loved ones to this storm in the Caribbean.

When we pray, we open the door for God to come into our problems and situations and work on them.

Hand of Hope