Sharing the Love of Christ in Texas Prisons

Sharing the Love Of Christ in Texas Prisons

- by Hand of Hope
Sharing the Love of Christ in Texas Prisons We have had the opportunity to share the love of Christ with inmates in 17 prisons in the state of Texas. It’s a simple act of just being there and distributing a bar of soap, a bottle of shampoo, and an encouraging note from Joyce along with one of her books, yet the inmates respond as if they are receiving something more valuable than gold or silver. The state of Texas stopped distributing hygiene items to inmates at the first of the year, so the arrival of our hygiene gift bags was even more welcome than usual. Doors and hearts were open to receive the message of the One who brought us there, Jesus.

There was a man in one of the facilities who at one time had a great position in international ministry. He had been greatly deceived and had fallen deep into sin and was convicted of multiple crimes. He read Joyce’s book, Battlefield of the Mind and it touched him deeply. He was able to see where the enemy had won the battle in his own mind and he now knows how to keep Satan from doing that again. He is now giving of himself to help other men in the institution to understand the importance of the battle in their minds and to live a life of victory through Christ.

The year is off to a tremendous start, over 44,180 hygiene gift bags with Joyce’s books have been distributed; 37 services have been held in 32 prisons resulting in more than 3,030 people coming to Christ for the first time or rededicating their lives to Him. A great big thank you to all of our partners and friends who support the work being done in the prisons – we are making a difference one life at a time.

Hand of Hope