Stories: Safety for Street Children

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Safety For Street Children

Safety for Street Children

- by Hand of Hope
Safety For Street Children We had the honor of dedicating the new Hope Center in Madagascar. In the capital city of Antananarivo there are thousands of street children who are in desperate need of safety, food and love. The Hope Center will be able to provide that for some of them.

The Hope Center dedication was simply amazing and full of joy. Dave and Joyce were welcomed by hundreds of children thundering loud with excitement.

Centrally located in perhaps the poorest area of Antananarivo, Madagascar, the new center will provide hot meals, access to showers and protection from those who would want to harm them. Many of the children we met will be able to sleep with a pillow and blanket for the very first time.

Many of the children, who are living on the streets through no fault of their own, have faced sexual abuse and the constant fear of human trafficking. Many are even fighting disease and malnutrition due to a lack of basic life necessities.

Now, hundreds of children will be able to find solace from the dangers of the streets, and the care they desperately need. We know we can’t help every single child, but we are honored to be able to help as many as we possibly can.

Thank you for partnering with us to change these children’s futures…one safe night at a time.

Hand of Hope