Providing Relief as Ebola Continues to Spread

Providing Relief as Ebola Continues to Spread

- by Hand of Hope
Providing Relief as Ebola Continues To Spread We received a report from Convoy of Hope about relief efforts in West Africa and Liberia. We partnered with them to provide medical supplies to help those in need. Here’s a portion of their report:

Confirmed cases of the Ebola virus continue to rise in West Africa through unknown chains of transmission. More than 100 new cases were reported in early March. While Liberia has seen a decline in reported cases, the disease continues to spread in Sierra Leone and Guinea.

The first wave of 23 containers filled with food, medical supplies and water filtration systems have been distributed or are en route to West Africa. An additional 7 containers are slated for the coming weeks.

In Liberia, through a network of churches and the Christian Health Association (CHAL), food and medical supplies are being distributed at hospitals, ETUs (Ebola Treatment Units) and churches.

Convoy of Hope is helping through various avenues. Thank you to our friends and partners for enabling us to partner with them to provide medical supplies, including syringes, bandages, cotton balls, masks, swabs, cleaning wash, splints, hygiene kits, medicines, linens, blankets and soaps.

Please continue to pray for those affected throughout these regions, especially the children. Also pray for Convoy of Hope as they continue to bring relief and the love of Christ to those in needed.

Hand of Hope