Now She Can See

Now She Can See

- by Hand of Hope
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Now She Can See

When Saiamma’s eyes started to water continually, she knew something wasn’t right. Living alone in a rural part of India, she still had to work and take care of her home. But as time went on, even the most basic tasks—like washing her face—became extremely difficult. 

Concerned about her fading eyesight, Saiamma rode a bus along dirt roads to the Chandrakal Hospital, funded by Hand of Hope, Joyce Meyer Ministries World Missions, hoping to find an answer. 

Because of your generous support, doctors at the full-service medical facility made it possible for her to receive the life-changing care she needed…a cataract operation and a pair of glasses, all for free. 

Saiamma is grateful for the help she’s received and is relieved she can return to her daily life with clear vision. 

“Thank you very much,” she says. “For a time, I was not able to work because I couldn’t see. Since I can see now clearly, I am very happy.” 

Hand of Hope has had the opportunity to provide medical care to more than 12,700 people like Saiamma so far this year at the Chandrakal Hospital. The facility includes inpatient services, meals, a maternity ward, eye clinic, pharmacy and many other services that you won’t normally find in rural areas of India. 

Thank you for bringing practical help and God’s love to people in India and all around the world.

Hand of Hope