Medical Dental Missions in El Salvador

Medical/Dental Missions in El Salvador

- by Hand of Hope 2 MIN READ

Hand of Hope, Joyce Meyer Ministries World Missions, led a team of medical and dental volunteers into El Salvador to provide care for people in need.

Thanks to God, our team had a phenomenal experience in El Salvador. Many people were treated medically/dentally and more importantly, lives were touched eternally. Lives were transformed right before our eyes through the simple gift of vitamins and medications that we were able to provide. Patients were heard saying, “no one has ever given me anything.” The extension of Christ’s love made a lasting impact to over 3,500 people! We can’t say enough good things about the El Salvadorians, such humility, generosity, and compassion was shown toward our team. 

Among the 3,537 people treated through our week of clinics there, 373 came to know Jesus Christ as their savior. Our team has many stories of how God worked through our mission in El Salvador, but these two stand out:

  • Our team was able to change the life of a young boy. Having been born with a speech issue due to underdeveloped oral tissue underneath his tongue, his speech had always been slurred. With the medical supplies our team had on hand, a small procedure was done, freeing his tongue to move. Eventually this will help with his annunciation of words. Catching this early on in his life, will enable him to one day speak perfectly clearly. 
  • A frantic mother brought a baby in with a severe fever. As she was unable to afford the necessary emergent care, we treated the child and we were able to bring the fever down and prevent the child form having seizures as a complication, which had happened in the past the mother said. Happy we were there to help!

Medically, these are really simple treatments and procedures, the kind we might take for granted. But to these people, our work there literally changed the course of their lives! And of course, the best part about it is that God was glorified in this work. Thanks to our Partners and all the medical/dental volunteers who make these outreaches possible.


Hand of Hope