Lineo's Story: The Gift of Rescue

Lineo’s Story: The Gift of Rescue

- by Hand of Hope
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Lineo's Story: The Gift of Rescue

Right now, more than 27 million women and children are slaves—victims of forced labor or sex trafficking. 

Often fooled into this lifestyle by their captors, they endure the unthinkable, with no hope for freedom in sight. However, with your support, things can change. You can help rescue and restore so many of these precious lives.  

At thirteen, Lineo ran away from home. Looking for a better life, she traveled with a friend to Bloemfontein, a nearby city in South Africa. That’s where they met Lucky—a “kind’ man who bought them clothes and provided a place for them to live. But soon, he demanded repayment. 

For the next four years, Lineo lived through a nightmare of drug addiction and forced prostitution. Recently, a street ministry team rescued Lineo and brought her to a safe house in Lesotho, Africa, where her nightmare came to an end. 

This rescue home, supported by Hand of Hope is now providing her with vital counseling, rehabilitation, and the unconditional love she so desperately needs. Lineo is also learning the Word of God, along with life skills such as cooking, sewing and computer literacy. 

Lineo is safe…but today there are still millions of others in need of rescuing. And you can help us reach more of them.

Hand of Hope