In the Eye of the Storm

A man and women staying positive in front of some wreckage

In the Eye of the Storm

- by Hand of Hope
"The same God who provided for us for years saw this coming, and He had people like you lined up to provide for us." –Pastor Eddie Pitts

Hurricane Michael was the worst storm to hit the Florida panhandle in more than 100 years. With winds exceeding 155 mph, it left a giant path of destruction in its wake, and people’s lives were turned upside down.

But with your help, we quickly connected with a number of our disaster relief outreach partners to put boots on the ground and bring critical relief.

Taking Shelter

“I looked out the window of my house and said, ‘I think the front porch has just left us,’” Pastor Eddie Pitts of Springfield Community Church recalled. “So, I made it over to the church and the walls were ‘breathing’ and the roof was moving.”

Springfield, Florida was hit particularly hard and many residents were searching for basics like food and clean water. Pastor Eddie’s church made it through the worst of the storm, then quickly became a makeshift relief center for the community.

“We started cooking for our church people, then others started coming in hungry for some soup,” his wife, Kenetha, said.

“At first we were scared because we didn’t have enough, but we couldn’t let these people go hungry.”

Right on Time

Partnering with Destiny Worship Center in Panama City, volunteers soon pulled up with truckloads of ready-made relief buckets filled with food, water, household products, personal hygiene items and new Bibles.

For Pastor Eddie and this community, it was more than just a welcome surprise…your support was an amazing example of God’s love and faithfulness.

“The same God who provided for us for years saw this coming,” Pastor Eddie said. “And He had people like you lined up to provide for us.”

Building New Beginnings

You’ve also made a life-changing impact for more than 150 families all across Panama City through our unique partnership with Eight Days of Hope.

Within 48 hours after the hurricane, volunteers arrived to help these families recover after the devastating wind and floodwaters left their homes unlivable.

In all, you helped cut down more than 1,400 damaged trees, tarp over 140 roofs and completely gut 134 homes. For these families in need, your support turned an impossible task into a new beginning.

“We all play a part”

David Meyer, CEO of Hand of Hope, Joyce Meyer Ministries World Missions, surveyed the damage in Florida firsthand. He understands the power of partnership when it comes to helping people after a crisis.

“We all play a part. Our partners support Hand of Hope, then we partner with organizations that have the equipment and skillset in these areas,” he said. “And now we’re here to help the people who need it the most…to help them pick up the pieces of their lives. And in the process, many of them come to know God.”

Your support is lasting far beyond the initial days and weeks after the hurricane. Our commitment as a ministry is not only to help with initial relief, but also to be a part of ongoing efforts necessary to restore the lives of those affected by Hurricane Michael long after the media coverage fades.

Hand of Hope