Hand Of Hope Celebrates 600 Wells

Hand of Hope Celebrates 600 Wells Dug

- by Hand of Hope
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Hand of Hope Celebrates 600 Wells Dug

Not long after Haiti suffered one of the deadliest earthquakes in history in 2010, Hand of Hope partnered with a couple organizations to provide immediate supplies, food, water, medical care and more. 

I was honored to be part of the media team that covered the relief efforts following the disaster. Although numerous things will forever stick with me—the immense rubble, the feeding lines, the mass graves, the believers coming together to praise God—there is one specific thing that comes to mind often. 

I had several bottles of water stashed in my bag because the heat was unbelievable. We headed to the recovery tent city, which would eventually become Miracle Village—a place where Hand of Hope was later able to build 100 homes for survivors. Several children began to run to me, trying their best to use what little English they knew. I gave a couple of the children my extra water. 

To my surprise, they didn’t take the cap off and start drinking. Instead, they poked small holes in the bottom of the bottles and began to drink. Puzzled, I questioned my translator. What he said changed my heart forever. 

“They don’t get much water to drink, so if they drink it this way it lasts much longer.” 

I had at least four or five bottles in my bag that day and would have drunk them all without a second thought. And these children were cherishing every single drop. 

I’m so excited to know that this year, Hand of Hope was able to dig and install two freshwater wells in Haiti on the island of La Gonave. In fact, those two wells in addition to 48 others this year helped us reach an important milestone—600 clean water wells worldwide.

These wells, established in communities with little to no access to clean water, are a major blessing to these families. Over the years, we have been able to provide clean water wells in 21 countries. 

When you support Hand of Hope, by partnering with Joyce Meyer Ministries, you are a part of bringing clean water to so many in need. Thank you for partnering with us to be a blessing all around the world. 

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