Hand of Hope in Zimbabwe

- by Hand of Hope
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Population: 13,771,721 - ranks 71st worldwide  
Literacy: 90%
Official Language: English
Religion: Freedom of religion
Geography: Area - 390,759 sq. km. Landlocked country in south-central Africa. 

Book Translation

Seven of Joyce’s books in English have been distributed in the country. Over 1,100,000 books have been distributed through various outreaches.

Feeding Programs

Hand of Hope serves millions of meals yearly through our feeding programs in this country.

International Conferences

2010: Joyce held a Festival of Life in Zimbabwe. The attendance for the three nights was more than 530,000.  

Leadership Training

Hand of Hope has partnered with John Maxwell's EQUIP leadership training ministry to conduct the Million Leaders Mandate, a global initiative striving to train at least one million leaders worldwide.  

Medical/Dental Missions
  • 2014: Our volunteers treated 2,516 patients, 472 people accepted Christ
  • 2011:  Our volunteers treated 2,427 patients; 1,297 received salvations
  • 2011:  In partnership with Maoko Ane Tsitsi purchased 135 corrective braces to help restore the feet of over 415 children. 
  • 2010:  During the Festival of Life, our volunteers treated 3,216 patients and more than 1,900 people gave their lives to the Lord.   
  • ERDO - Emergency Relief & Development Organization
  • CCM - Childcare Ministries
  • CTT - Center for Total Transformation
Prison Ministry

2010:  In conjunction with the Festival of Life, over 50 prisons, were visited, where 26,000 hygiene gift bags including one of Joyce's books were distributed.  Joyce and Dave passed out the ministry's 2 millionth gift bag at one of the prisons. 

Television and Radio

Joyce’s Enjoying Everyday Life television show is available in English in select areas across the country, and previously aired on radio.

Water Relief

Hand of Hope has installed water tanks to provide fresh drinking water to villages.  


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