Hand of Hope in the Philippines

- by Hand of Hope
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Population: 107,668,231 - ranks 12th worldwide   
Literacy: 93% 
Official Language: Filipino and English   
Religion: Freedom of religion
Geography: Area - 300,000 sq. km. 7,250 islands, of which over 700 are inhabited.

Book Translation

Eleven of Joyce’s books have been translated and printed in Tagalog and Cebuano; over 260,000 books in Cebuano, Tagalog and English have been distributed through outreaches.  

Disaster Relief
  • 2012: Hand of Hope partnered with Convoy of Hope to provide disaster relief to the people of the Philippines affected by flooding. Monsoon rains had battered the city of Manila, displacing thousands of residents. Convoy of Hope responded quickly and distributed over 43,000 meals to flood victims. 
  • 2011: Hand of Hope partnered with Convoy of Hope and Don Clower's Ministries, to provide much needed relief to those affected by a deadly typhoon.  Containers carrying 18,000 meals were sent from Convoy of Hope's warehouse in Manila.  Coordination efforts between local government officials and local churches ensured food and disaster relief clean-up supplies were directed where most needed. 
  • 2009: Hand of Hope partnered with other ministries to provide immediate relief to hurting people after the typhoons. Through our partnership with Convoy of Hope, food and water distribution points were set up throughout the city of Manila.  Water filtration units which are capable of producing up to 10,000 gallons of water a day were brought in to the outlying areas where food and water were in short supply.  Our teams initially purchased food and supplies to stock our distribution points, and additionally a container of food was shipped from the US.
Feeding Programs

2018:  Hand of Hope served 5,850 meals through our partnership with Gospel Boat Crusades

International Conferences

2001: Joyce Meyer Ministries hosted a conference in the Philippines.

Leadership Training

Hand of Hope has partnered with John Maxwell's EQUIP leadership training ministry to conduct the Million Leaders Mandate, a global initiative striving to train at least one million leaders worldwide.

  • 2018:  Hand of Hope volunteers treated 3,361 patients; 3,073 accepted Christ 
  • 2017:  Hand of Hope volunteers treated 2,865 patients; 2,856 received Christ
  • Hand of Hope partnered with World of Hope Christian Ministries on the Gospel Boat Evangelism Project.  We purchased the boat and sponsor the crusades.  The boat travels from island to island preaching the Gospel.  In just one week in January 2019, over 1,200 decisions for Christ were made. 
  • In association with Don Clowers Ministries, Joyce spoke at the Destiny Conference in Manila at the Araneta Coliseum, holding evangelistic crusades and leadership seminars.
Television and Radio

Joyce’s Enjoying Everyday Life television and radio shows have been available in English in select areas across the country.

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